The Visual Inspection Software Solution to Improve Your Product Quality

Whether your production line has the complexity of High Mix Low Volume or the speed of Low Mix High Volume, the requirements of quality must be maintained. But how do you ensure quality standards when the demands of the marketplace are constantly pushing for changes to your products?

ATS Inspect is quality inspection software that eliminates paper forms and checklists giving you the flexibility to respond to changing demands so that high quality is built into your manufacturing process, rather than a metric you’re constantly chasing. By implementing effective manufacturing inspection software you can focus your time on raising quality rather than administering paperwork.

Automotive Manufacturing Success Story

US Automotive Manufacturer sees Benefits of Implementing Visual Inspection Software
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Product quality inspection software for manufacturers.

Identify and Reduce Quality Defects

Discover the true state of your product quality by uncovering each and every quality defect, then turn your focus on eliminating every last one of them.

Respond Faster to Product Issues

Notify the right people right away when issues arise so that corrective action can be taken, product designs can be adjusted and production processes can be improved.

Do More with Your 8 Hours!

No more paper forms to transcribe or spreadsheets to modify. Just lots more time to concentrate on raising quality while reducing the Cost of Quality.

How does ATS Inspect Work?

Find out how implementing quality control software for manufacturing will make life so much easier for you and your colleagues.


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Main Features

Intuitive Inspection

Place defects directly onto the Digital Twin of your product imported directly from your PLM system, dramatically reducing configuration time and giving operators a realistic inspection experience.

Dynamic Checklists

Electronic checklists adjust to every unit that comes along the production line, ensuring each unit, no matter how it’s built, is inspected correctly with nothing missed and no steps overlooked.

Real-time Analysis

Drill down into on-line reports, containing the latest data, so that you’re aware of trends and anomalies before they become an issue, or push the information to BI reports for a whole-plant overview.

Quality Alerts

Live information on overhead displays, and email alerts sent directly to those that need to know, ensure that action can be taken at the earliest possible opportunity to contain quality issues.

Looking For a Few More Benefits?

Well, we’ve got a few more for you! From its inception, the development of ATS Inspect has been influenced and guided by some of the world’s biggest names in manufacturing. It had to be – it was helping to give them world leading product quality. And now we’re happy to pass on that knowledge to you in our world leading quality control software for manufacturing.

manufacturing inspection software

Eliminate Paper Checklists

You hate them, we hate them, so let’s get rid of them. No more time lost to transcription, and reports using old data. Just real-time awesomeness.

Improve Right First Time

Each defect found costs time and money so we give you the tools to find the root cause of every issue to prevent it occurring again, raising your Right First Time.

Eliminate Product Recalls

A gating system, aided by a guided inspection, ensures that every product leaves the plant exactly as your customer expects.

Capture All Defects

If you don’t have the full picture you can’t respond effectively, so we make sure you can identify every defect allowing you to make knowledge-based decisions.

Drive Continuous Improvements

Our quality inspection software brings your quality and process data together to drive cross-plant improvements.

Reduce the Cost of Poor Quality

Actionable product quality analysis enables you to achieve Best In Class rework and scrap costs while simultaneously pushing up product quality.

Can you pay for your improved quality by subscription?
You bet you can!

What Other Features has ATS Inspect Got for You?

Scalable Solution

Whatever size your enterprise, our quality inspection software has the flexibility to adjust to your requirements.

Generate BI Dashboards

ATS Inspect will get your data to the Cloud where you can design dashboards to give you a complete real-time overview.

Integrate with Enterprise Software

Our quality control software will talk directly to your PLM/ERP/MES/etc. providing real-time alignment.

Share data with customers and Suppliers

Share quality data up and down the supply chain so that you can work together to achieve your goals.

Record Variable data

Ensure your product variables stay within specification with alerts when values exceed control limits.

Automated Inspections

Integrate with everything from electronic test equipment to vision systems to automate your inspections.

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ATS-_inspect_Success_Story_Image 1

US Automotive Manufacturer Sees Benefits of Implementing Visual Inspection Software

Within a couple of months warranty claims for units shipped to the new market went down to zero.
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ATS Inspect in the Automotive

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Product Quality Increased at Toyota by Implementing ATS Inspect

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