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ATS Inspect

Catch defects. Improve quality. Reduce costs.

Improve Right
First Time

Product quality issues are highlighted quickly and fed back to the source of the problem so that corrective action can be taken

Prevent Defective Products
from Leaving the Plant

gating system, aided by a guided inspection, ensures that every product leaves the plant exactly as your customer expects.

Improve and Protect Brand Reputation

Consistently high product quality gives your current and potential customers confidence that you will always deliver your product as requested.

Product quality inspection software for manufacturers. Eliminate paper checklists, improve product quality and reduce the Cost of Poor Quality.

Real Reductions in Quality Issues

Find out how ATS Inspect helped Toyota locate and eliminate quality issues, giving them a fast Return on Investment.

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Catch Defects

A digital transformation of your inspection process means defects are identified sooner during the manufacturing process, so they can be remedied faster.

Mass Customization

Increase quality in high-mix production environments with a dynamic inspection process that adapts to fit each and every unit on the production line.

Fast Return
on Investment

Detailed feedback from product quality inspections enable the implementation of process improvements which leads to a fast ROI.

Manage MRO

Maintain quality and keep track at every step of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul procedures.

Eliminate Incorrect

On a high-mix production line, ensure that every component is correct on every unit using a dynamic product quality inspection.

Reduce Rework and
Scrap Cost

Achieve Best In Class performance on rework and scrap costs by utilising actionable product quality analysis.

ATS Inspect can be purchased through a subscription

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Feature Rich Product Quality Inspections

3D Inspection3D Inspection

Place defects directly onto the Digital Twin of your product imported directly from your PLM system, dramatically reducing configuration time and giving operators a realistic inspection experience.

Eliminate Paper Checklists

Electronic checklists record issues and ensure all required visual and option content checks have been completed.

Reporting and Analysis

Carry out a complete analysis of your product quality inspection data with online reports that can be viewed securely online, wherever you are in the world.

An Integrated Quality Solution

Complete data integration with ERP, PLM, MES and MOM systems, as well as equipment on the shop floor, is provided by ATS Bus.

Visual Inspection

Find out how a digital transformation of your product quality inspection process will increase product quality while reducing the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) in your plant.

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Grab a free copy of eBook on 7 steps to reduce Product Recall

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ATS Support Services

ATS truly understands the availability requirements of production critical IT components. We are here to help ensure your facilities are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Success Stories

Digital Transformation of Quality Processes at US Automotive Manufacturer

Within a couple of months warranty claims for units shipped to the new market went down to zero.

Business Benefits: ATS Inspect in the Automotive Industry

13 business benefits of performing a digital transformation of your visual inspection processes in the Automotive Industry.

Product Quality Assurance in MRO Processes: ATS Inspect at a Turbine Manufacturer

A large part of the success of ATS Inspect is down to the consulting and groundwork carried out before an implementation that ensures that the customer is getting the most from the solution.

Product Quality Increased at Toyota by Implementing ATS Inspect

Toyota needed a solution to raise the number of vehicles being manufactured without defects (Straight Through Ratio).

Improving Product Quality at a Medical Device Manufacturer: ATS Inspect at Trulife

Operators now use the intuitive user interface of ATS Inspect to enter visual defects directly onto an image of the product and the quality data is available for real-time analysis anytime, anywhere.

Raising Quality in White Goods: Whirlpool Implements ATS Inspect

Whirlpool have achieved significant reductions in their defect rate while simultaneously reducing the cost of quality. This is thanks to the detailed real-time analysis they now have available.

Manufacturing Quality of Jet Engines Enhanced by ATS Inspect at Honeywell

ATS Inspect is being used to check for potential concerns such as damaged or incorrectly oriented components, incorrectly placed clamps, adequate spacing around wiring looms and so on.

Six Sigma Project Aided by ATS Inspect at Navistar

The system was installed and functional within weeks and inspectors had no problem learning the new system with its intuitive and customizable user interface.

Automotive Quality Assurance at MAN Truck & Bus

ATS Inspect is used by operators to carry out a visual inspection of the vehicle.

Paperless Quality Inspection at Electric Car Manufacturer

Instead of recording quality issues on paper they now record them digitally on tablets.

car welding

Electric Car Manufacturer Eliminates Risk of Product Recalls

The ATS Inspect software solution was developed in the automotive industry and so it fits into the customer’s existing processes seamlessly. Instead of recording quality issues on paper they now record them digitally on tablets.

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