Leading Car Manufacturer in North America Chooses ATS Global to Integrate QMS into Robotic Welding and Painting Process to Prepare its Plant for Smart Manufacturing


  • Perfect robotic welding and painting process
  • Automated self-correction manufacturing and quality process
  • High quality assembly weld with no defects

Project Scope

  • Automated validation for the quality of welding and painting processes
  • Enable manufacturing traceability for each component and system
  • Create a centralized repository for attribute and dimensional data

Solution Approach

  • Capture all the data generated, no matter the type or source
  • Comprehensive analysis of existing equipment and QMS, producing actionable reports
  • Used ATS ADOS – Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Suite
  • Design to roll-out ownership of integrated robotic manufacturing

Systems & Tools

  • ATS Inspect
  • ATS CM4D
  • 24/7 Support Services

The Results

Streamlining data to a central data location

2% improvement in overal quality of robotic operations

Enable the robotic stations for Smart Digital Transformation

10% Reduction in scrap rate due end-to-end traceability

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