The Modular DCIM Solution
for Data Centers of Every Size

ATS DCIM is a modular solution for your on-site datacenter management. From building and cooling management to capacity management and billing, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. But you don’t need to implement it all at once.

With ATS DCIM you can build your DCIM as you go: start small and add further features when you need them. The modules are built on our vast experience in datacenter monitoring. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, that almost never fits at all. Instead, we have designed our DCIM to be modular from the ground up. ATS DCIM allows you to pick and choose the most relevant solutions for your operational needs.


So, what’s the biggest risk to your data center uptime? Your staff
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Sure, you have your data center protected against fire…
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Data Center control and management
that works the way you work

10 Issues Solved by Data Center Infrastructure Management Software

Data Center Pick and Mix

Select the modules that best serve your business goals

Building Management

Collect and visualise data from all building related sensors like: leakage detection, cameras, access-control sensors, fire and smoke detectors, VESDA, weather and everything else that might be connected to an existing Building Management System (BMS).

Cooling Management

Connect to all cooling equipment and sensors known in the industry and ensure all equipment is working at its highest possible efficiency, highlighting when equipment is running outside its optimum range and keeping your costs under control.


Monitor all power usage, accurately invoice customers for the power they’ve used, raise an alert if a customer uses more than their contract, identify points of failure, and drive investment by highlighting when you’re losing redundancy.

Capacity Management

Gain insight into how much power is sold contractually versus the actual peak usage so you can see if your redundancy is in line with your operation. Also be inform on when to invest, by identifying the ideal balance between CAPEX and OPEX.

Efficiency Management

Utilise data from the Energy and Cooling modules to monitor your PUE, EER and other GreenGrid metrics. This allows you to ensure that your datacenter is a sustainable place for your customers to host their equipment.


Utilise automated billing by device, rack, feed, phase, room or customer based on live data from the equipment, which avoids human error and delays. Also automatically updates billing to take into account changes in contracts and equipment.


Keep track of your SLA’s with configurable dashboards and get warnings for approaching violations. In addition you can provide your customers with complete transparency by allowing them to track your performance in a shared dashboard.


Gain insights on the critical path of your continuity and see the weakest link in your contingency plan. Receive a warning if manual inputs are different to the metered values on the busbars and rack PDU’s. This ensures that human errors can be detected and corrected.

Looking for More? Get ATS DCIM Pro

ATS DCIM Pro gives you an additional tool set of three management modules
plus a complete workflow tool, giving you total control of your datacenter.

All your datacenters at your fingertips
in a campus view

Manage your
white space infrastructure

Manage and optimize
your power consumption

Controlling and optimizing
your cooling

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