Powerful Dimensional Analysis Software for Manufactured Products

Whether you’re comparing your product to the original design, finding out if components built in different locations will fit together, ensuring supplier parts are within tolerance, or any number of other dimensional inspection tasks, ATS CM4D has the answer.

ATS CM4D helps manufacturers to gain real value from their dimensional data, gathered from all sources, in all formats, by providing actionable reports together with full statistical analysis highlighting hidden anomalies and trends enabling effective Statistical process Control (SPC).

Global Aerospace Manufacturers Choose ATS CM4D for Dimensional Data Solutions
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Major Automotive Manufacturer Chooses ATS Global to Improve Quality Assurance Vehicles
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ATS CM4D fills the gap between the virtual world of CAD and the physical world of manufacturing

Reduce Rework and Scrap Costs

By recognising potential issues earlier in the design and manufacturing process, you can make adjustments and avoid seemingly unavoidable rework and scrap costs.

Analyse All Data in
One Location

Remove the unnecessary barriers between design and manufacturing by bringing your dimensional, attribute and operational data together, to analyse it in one place.

Actionable Insights for Smart Decision Making

Analyse data directly in ATS CM4D or through Business Intelligence platforms so that critical quality issues can be addressed before they lead to late deliveries or avoidable costs.

How ATS CM4D Works?

Find out how ATS CM4D provides product quality validation, reporting and analysis for manufactured products and parts.


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Main Features

Alarm Notifications

Be alerted the moment data goes out of tolerance or out of control so that you can amend designs and processes, closing the design-production loop.

Intelligent Reporting

Let ATS CM4D do the legwork and highlight the reports and data that need your attention so you can focus on continuously improving your product.

Statistical Analysis

Perform full statistical calculations, such as tolerance stack-up analysis, and Statistical Process Control analysis to highlight anomalies and trends.

Looking For a Few More Benefits?

Well, we’ve got a few more for you! From its very inception, the development of ATS CM4D has been influenced and guided by some of the world’s biggest names in manufacturing. It had to be – it was helping them to build world leading products. And now we’re happy to pass on that knowledge to you in our world leading software.

Reduce Issue Response Times

ATS CM4D guides your focus towards the data that needs your attention so that you don’t simply drown in a remorseless data lake.

Predict Assembly Problems

Utilise dimensional inspection data to perform tolerance stack-up analysis, so you can see how components will fit together and make adjustments sooner.

Single Source of Truth for Dimensional Data

Stop working your way through different systems using different user interfaces and statistical analysis methods. Just access one portal for all your answers.

Validate Supplier Data

Analyse and validate dimensional inspection data from suppliers, improving acceptance rates and improving supply chain integration and harmony.

Faster Dimensional Quality Checks

Save valuable machine and operator time by performing alignments virtually and instantly. CM4D can even reduce the number of measurements you need to take.

Close the Loop Between Design and Manufacturing

With designers and manufacturers all communicating through the same real-time results, an efficient feedback loop of continuous improvement is implemented.

Want to pay for improved dimensional quality and Statistical Process Control by subscription? Sure thing.

What Other Features has ATS CM4D Got for You?

Solve Physical Problems Virtually
Test out physical adjustments virtually to determine an optimal solution before implementing real world changes.

Correlation Analysis
Find out which data points correlate to others, allowing you to predict later assembly issues based on earlier measurements.

Tolerance Stack-up Analysis
Visualise the accumulated variation between multiple components, allowing you to optimise tolerances.

BI Tool Integration
Push data directly to your existing business Intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

Universal Data Translator
Parse, validate and integrate complex data from across your enterprise using powerful recognition capabilities.

Track Quality Metrics
Stay up-to-date with the entire manufacturing process at any time by reporting KPI’s and other critical quality metrics.

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Global Aerospace Manufacturers Choose ATS CM4D for Dimensional Inspection Solutions

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