Market pressures push manufacturers to improve product quality, reduce costs and improve efficiencies every day. Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM) is critical for Smart Digital Transformation. It provides the layer for direct execution of production orders and dynamic response to changing situations in orders, machine states, quality checks etc. for a self-organised plant.

ATS Consultants, Programmers and Engineers can design, deliver and support deployments globally across a wide variety of industries. At every stage we focus on the business benefit. To achieve this digitization has to be at the core of manufacturing operations management in every enterprise, no matter their size. Customer multi-disciplinary teams and Lean & Six Sigma expertise leverage benefits achieved.

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When managing shop-floor operations digital manufacturing software solutions bring tangible business value across the four pillars of the ISA-95 model: production, quality, inventory and maintenance.

Fast Facts

  • 1500 major MES/MOM project implementations

  • Automation and IT system Installation and commissioning experience in 75+ countries

  • Ability to cross-pollinate best practices across 15+ industries

  • Working knowledge of ISA-88, ISA-95, PACKML, SIL-1, SIL-2, GAMP, DCP, etc. standards

ATS is one of the world’s leading Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) / Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) specialists with global delivery capabilities across a broad range of industries. Our MES/MOM implementations deliver some of the fastest payback periods of any IT project.

What do we do?

We ensure that MES/MOM brings the right business value to our customers’ organizations. Through a tried and tested structured process we work together with our clients on their digitalization needs, for production, maintenance, quality and inventory, starting from the customer’s ambition and defining the right business strategy.

To achieve the greatest benefits, the business strategy combines technology with other fundamental components: process standardization, organizational structure and change management.

The business strategy is translated into the company’s digital roadmap which drives the business benefit realization steps, by gradually raising the maturity level of the customer organization.

How do we do it?

ATS follows a structured work package method to ensure successful implementation, by means of strategic and tactical advice to manufacturers on MES/MOM.

We take end to end ownership of the MES/MOM project life cycle for our customers; Awareness training -> Requirement and process mapping -> Business case creation -> Software selection -> Design and implementation -> Support -> Realized benefit validation. Our modular program leverages our experience, cross pollinating industry best practices and the knowledge of seasoned consultants from ATS Global and MOMi.

Our expert consultants, MOM specialists and support engineers work together to transform manufacturing business needs into effective MES/MOM applications delivering the expected business benefit to plants. We enable lean manufacturing while avoiding process bottlenecks ensuring tight integration with the organizational systems and processes.

Our MES/MOM implementation practices help customers to realize faster return on investment for their digital transformation initiatives. We create a future-ready MES/MOM set-up that is scalable and robust to adapt to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Activities we do

How does it help you?


Understand the objectives for implementing an MES/ MOM and benchmark against ISA-95

  • Understand your vision
  • Analyze current best practices, waste streams and variance losses
  • Apply best practices based on global standards like APQC, SCOR, ISA-95, GAMP etc.
  • Create awareness about the need for digital transformation
  • Discover/ Identify improvement potential
  • Learn about potential benefits of emerging technologies such as Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing


Create a road map for future developments and business case for implementations

  • Identify future way of working and business models
  • Create high level architecture, processes, governance structure, people skill sets and enabling smart technology
  • Draft roadmap for gradual realization based on priorities
  • Realistic roadmap to achieve your strategic objectives
  • Business case for high level benefits and feasibility assessment of investing in MES/ MOM systems
  • Consistency with your business objectives


Solution architecture, work packages and framework for future business processes

  • Design your future business processes
  • Develop transitioning plan ensuring consistency in process mapping
  • Create solution architecture and detailed solution roadmap to achieve the identified goals and minimize risk
  • Gain complete visibility set of functional and non-functional requirements, based on global standards
  • A business case evaluating business and technical goals
  • Answers for- Project cost, implementation sequence and ROI


Conduct gap-analysis and select optimal tools/ technologies available for digital transformation

  • Leverage best-practice methodologies, resource tools and industry expertise to identify the best-fit
  • Gap analysis of existing and future infrastructure – From “as-is” to “to be”
  • Select the best tools for digital transformation solutions
  • Collaboration of your resources and our solutions
  • Update the user and functional requirements
  • Based on the statement of requirements ATS can bring transparency and help shortlist product suitable for your organization


Ownership of full project lifecycle implementation and integration with organizational processes and practices

  • Act as an extended engineering arm of your organization
  • Full project life cycle implementation and integration using strong project management methodologies, a gated process and collaborative approach
  • Elaborate change management ensuring adoption by your personnel
  • Gain control of execution cycle with processes where facts rather than opinions dominate decision making process
  • Assured business and IT alignment while translating design to reality
  • Digital transformation project implementation on time and within budget


End-to-end support on 24/7 basis after the project go-live stage for continuous production uptime

  • 24/7 global support with both local (physical) and remote support with a global helpdesk
  • Effective and robust support models with clear communication structures
  • Highest (99.9%) uptime for production critical applications
  • Reliable and single-access window for any type of support
  • Support always available to address cultural changes and adoption of modern work practices


Validate the results achieved, gaps in implementation and degree of control over the processes

  • Assess if expected benefits have been achieved and that they are secured by adequate controls
  • Validate strategic objectives given the dynamics of demand
  • Determine if planned next steps of roadmap are still in line with planned objectives and update the steps accordingly
  • Prepare to execute next continuous improvement cycle
  • Develop an agile strategy for digital transformation

Customer Benefits

  • Enable full product tracking
  • Manage customization and individual orders
  • Faster NPI and shorter Product Lifecycles
  • Focus on connectivity and data management
  • Provide right information at the right time
  • Improve efficiency and process visibility with accurate KPI analysis
  • Reduce scrap, waste, warranty claims and rework costs
  • Record every single defect and enable full traceability
  • Eliminate paper checklists
  • Support business improvement initiatives to realize right first time
  • Improve product quality through flexible SPC analysis
  • Reduce cost of critical quality issues
  • Reduce Inventory and Cycle Time
  • Avoid risks of missing parts on the line
  • Synchronize production flow across different processes and realize effective pull strategies
  • Enable dynamic scheduling and sequencing which can adapt to real resource availability
  • Streamline the supply chain by interconnecting internal and external suppliers
  • Schedule the right maintenance operations to reduce costs and impact on production
  • Make use of condition-based monitoring for smart maintenance
  • Ensure all maintenance engineers are properly trained and keep good records
  • Know the real cost of your maintenance operations

Future of MES/MOM

MES/ MOM implementations will prepare plants for the upcoming Smart Manufacturing revolution. The traditional monolithic MOM applications are evolving into new server-less architectures: able to collect large streams of data (Industrial Internet of Things), to distribute the intelligence to the shop-floor and realize autonomous production cells (edge devices), to apply advanced analytics with real-time and predictive capabilities (cloud technologies), and much more.

Please read about Smart Manufacturing here.

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