Market pressures push manufacturers to improve product quality, reduce costs and improve efficiencies every day. Extended supply chains also force manufacturers to transform their businesses radically in order to deliver the perfect order to the final customer. To achieve this, digitalization has to be at the core of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) in every enterprise, no matter its size.

When managing shop-floor operations, digital manufacturing software solutions bring tangible business value across the four pillars of the ISA-95 model: production, quality, inventory, and maintenance. Knowledge and understanding of how to leverage this software and new ‘smart’ approaches and technologies are critical to manufacturers.

ATS has combined its business consultancy and education services for Manufacturing Operations Management in its Expert Division MOMi (Manufacturing Operations Management Institute). MOMi’s independent consultancy and education services focus on the business and IT steps required to meet the needs of current industry challenges and the transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

What do we do?

MOMi, delivers independent expertise, best practices and solutions to support the complete business change cycle — from the initial exploration of improvement potential, through the development of a sound benefits case supporting the investment decision, creation of the blueprint for the future including processes, organization & governance, people skill sets and the enabling technologies, to the deployment of the solutions and delivering sustainable improvements.

How do we do it?


  • Build your vision and discover your improvement potential, based on current best practices, actual waste streams, variance losses, and possible application of new smart technologies
  • MOMi’s team applies methodology based on global standards from SCOR and ISA and various best practices
  • Create awareness and align people by focusing on relevant standards, like ISA-95, ISA-88, ISA 62443 (ISA-99), etc.
  • Learn about the potential benefits of emerging technologies such as Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0


  • Identify your future way of working that supports your improved business models in order to achieve your strategic objectives
  • Determine a high-level benefits case and assess the feasibility of investing in manufacturing operations management systems
  • Create a high-level architecture, including processes, organization & governance, people skill sets and enabling technology (Manufacturing IT)
  • Compose a draft roadmap for gradual realization, based on priorities and added value to ensure consistency with your business objectives


  • Design your future business processes and the transition to them; MOMi’s methodology ensures consistency in process mapping
  • Define a complete set of functional and non-functional requirements, based on global standards
  • Create the solution architecture and detail the solution roadmap to achieve the identified goals and minimize risk
  • Finalize the business case in the required level of detail


  • Select the best tools (MOM solutions) to support your current and future ways of working enabling the required collaboration of all your resources and solutions
  • The selection process is based on the best practice methodology published in a MESA International White Paper with which MOMi’s consultants have extensive experience with many manufacturers in various industrial sectors
  • Update the user and functional requirements and create the business case

Execute and Support

  • Successfully implement the selected solutions for the intended scope of each step. Change the ways of working according to the design and ensure adoption by your staff
  • The expert MES/MOM (Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management) teams of ATS Global help to deploy the solutions in all aspects and assure sustainable gains
  • Global coverage, regional support
  • Assured business and IT alignment
  • Access to 30 years of experience in these domains, including validation


  • After each step of the roadmap, the MOMi business consultants team carry out the following actions:
    • Check if the expected benefits are achieved and are secured by adequate controls
    • Evaluate the validity of the strategic objectives, given the dynamics of the demand (market) and own enterprise goals
    • Determine if the planned next steps of the roadmap are still in line with those objectives and goals and update the steps if required
    • Prepare for the execution of the next cycle of continuous improvement.

Customer Benefits

ATS business consultancy delivers the support to succeed every step of the way

  • Offers a framework of related services, from business consultancy, training and system integration to management

  • Suitable for multinationals as well as small and mid-sized enterprises across many industry sectors

  • Based on global standards from SCOR and ISA-95, MOMi best practices and reference models from a large number of markets, e.g. automotive, aerospace & defense, chemicals, food & beverage, metals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • Makes managerial information from whole supply chain available in real time, from boardroom to shop floor

  • Provides the right information at the right time, globally; data rapidly turned into operational information and practical improvements

  • Optimizes equipment usage and enables better production planning

  • Ensures reliable production and high product quality

  • Reduces waste substantially

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