To respond to the ever faster changing demands of their customers, manufacturers need to have clear visibility and transparency of what’s happening on their shop floor. The fourth industrial revolution has shown the importance of accessing the right data for intelligent decision support.

Similarly, a successful implementation of a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution can only be achieved by first picking the right metrics to measure progress and identify shortcomings.

In this webinar MOMi President Jan Snoeij will show you how to pick the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your MOM implementation. He will explain how to identify the relevant metrics to monitor your MOM deployment to maximize the likelihood of success.

Webinar Panelist

Jan Snoeij
President and Senior Business Consultant MOM Institute

Jan Snoeij is President and Senior Consultant of the Manufacturing Operations Management Institute. As thought leader in his field, Jan specializes in education and consultancy services in manufacturing operations management.

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