Digital Transformation Solutions and Services for the Medical Device Industry

ATS Global is the Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation in the Medical Device industry. We are a passionate automation, quality and IT enterprise delivering tangible business value to our customers world-wide through our global network of offices.

Our solutions enable medical device manufacturers to create easily configurable systems and processes that are 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 13485 compliant, reliable and secure. We design and develop shop-floor, user friendly, non-proprietary solutions that increase manufacturing flexibility while maintaining medical device quality.

ATS has been providing industrial automation and IT solutions within the regulated life sciences sector since 1986. Some of our on-going projects include automation and Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM), data collection solutions for medical device manufactures, service level agreements and manufacturing IT consultancy.

Success Story - ATS CM4D for Dimensional Data Solutions

ATS Global Developed Central Monitoring, Control and MES Solution for Contact Lenses Manufacturer
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Success Story - Quality Assurance of Vehicles

ATS Implements a Data Collection Solution Based in Ignition for a Medical Device Manufacturer
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We are Your Medical Device Manufacturing Consultants for Process Automation, PLC, DCS, SCADA, Quality Management and Track & Trace Solutions


5,000+ projects executed


Ability to cross-pollinate best practices across 15+ industries


Local presence in 25+ countries


ATS Solutions are implemented in accordance with regulations including ISO 13485, GAMP, IEC62304, 21 CFR Part 11, FDA regulations

Got a question about digital transformation in the Medical Devices Industry?

What do we do?

We transform medical device manufacturing processes. Our solutions for the medical device industry leverage our unique combination of expert Consultancy, Software Products and Support Services.

Our medical device experts have rich process knowledge across the entire manufacturing value chain.

Solutions for Quality Management and Inspection
Improve inspection speed, accuracy and reaction time to quality issues.

MES/MOM Implementation for Paperless Manufacturing
Digital transformation of existing paper-based processes and systems providing end-to-end traceable history. It fosters advanced reporting focused on identifying trends and providing near-real-time actionable information.

What do we do?

Enabling Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Manage information flow and access from shop floor equipment & IT systems to wherever it is needed in the plant. It enables data analysis and reporting while ensuring data traceability, security & Integrity.

Industrial Automation and IT solutions
With strong competencies in automation and digitalization we are here to help our customers with automation systems design, upgrades, validation, maintenance and trouble shooting, supporting your medical device innovation initiatives.Further, we provide Training courses for maintenance and engineering staff or information management. Our solutions are suitable for medical devices industry: from small size companies up to large multinational corporations.

medical device How do we do it

How do we do it?

As your medical device manufacturing consultants, we deliver projects from system design to full implementation, global roll-out and final user acceptance with flexible training packages and 24/7 service level agreements.

We leverage our global presence to offer global implementations with local expertise. Our standardised project methodologies lead to efficient and repeatable solution roll-outs across plants.

Case Study: Improving Product Quality at Trulife

By implementing ATS Inspect, our visual inspection solution, Trulife reduced product reject rates by 7% and reduced site paper costs by 50%.

ATS consultants worked with Trulife to replace their paper-based inspection system that had become inflexible and lacked the required accuracy.

Operators now use the intuitive user interface of ATS Inspect to enter visual defects directly onto an image of the product and the quality data is available for real-time analysis anytime, anywhere. Combined with the streamlined defect entry and repair processes, this has produced lasting changes in product quality.

The numbers, after one year of use, speak for themselves:

  • Product Reject Rate dropped from 17% to 10%.
  • Approximately 4500 units saved.
  • Site paper bill reduced by 50%.

Your Benefits as a Customer

Rapid return on investment


Automated quality and inspection

Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)


Reduce defect rate

Accelerate time to market


Improve manufacturing efficiency

Got a question about digital transformation in the Medical Devices Industry?

Success Stories


ATS Global Developed Central Monitoring, Control and MES Solution for Contact Lenses Manufacturer

Automatic Data Collection from machines to remove the manual & paper-bas…
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ATS Implements a Data Collection Solution Based in Ignition for a Medical Device Manufacturer

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ATS Global Medical Device Case Study

Improving Product Quality at a Medical Device Manufacturer: ATS Inspect at Trulife

Trulife reduced product reject rates by 7% and site paper costs by 50%…
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