• Allow monitoring of the quality and performance of the machines of a new production line
  • Replace current manual manipulation of log files
  • Automate the data collection driven by shopfloor data

Project Scope

  • Monitor, and collect data from one process line
  • Create a centralized repository and web based monitoring for user acces
  • Generate automatic data collection and automatic reports
Project scope

Solution Approach

  • Capture all the data generated in the line, triggered by shopfloor data
  • Dataconcentrator Ignition development with capturing over 5000 tags
  • Used Ignition by Inductive Automation
Solution Approach

The Results

  • Streamlining data to a central data location and enabling automatic reports
  • In addition the customer was able to implement a different project on his own without extended costs thanks to the licensing model of Ignition

Systems, Tools & Services Expertise

  • Ignition by Inductive Automation

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