ATS Global is the Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation. We offer food and beverage industry specific solutions for process Automation, PLC, DCS, SCADA, Quality Management and Track & Trace systems.

ATS implements solutions that enable our customers to effectively deal with these industry challenges. We give clear guidance and thought leadership to our customers. Our solutions fit into customers’ integrated and effective improvement plan. The prioritization is driven from a clear Return on Investment (ROI) and sets the roadmap for implementation. We enable our customer to successfully gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

The Food & Beverage producers/ industry faces unique challenges:

  • Seasonal demand changes
  • Increasing demand for differentiated SKUs
  • Increasing regulatory/quality restrictions
  • Complicated production planning
  • Sheer scale of the industry production

What do we do?

We are proud of the fact that around 25% of ATS people are working with our Food & Beverage customers. They are continuously extending their Subject Matter Expertise in several areas within the customers’ operations.

Our domain experience covers Clean-in-Place (CIP), food processing, filling & packaging, Quality Management (in-process and LIMS), specifications management, compliance, productivity improvement, Key Performance Indicators reporting, dashboarding and Change Management to effectively implement solutions.

Fast Facts

  • 2000+ projects delivered with our food & beverage customers

  • Industry Standards we apply within our F&B solutions and projects: ISA-88/ ISA-95 / ISA-99, GAMP5

  • Certfications: MESA Best Practices and Certified, CSIA certified, ISO 9001/ ISO 14001/ OSHA 18001, VCA

  • Technologies certifications: Siemens TIA, Siemens PLM (Simatic IT, R&D Suite, Preactor, Camstar)

  • Profibus/ Profinet

Our specific offerings for food and beverage industry includes:

  • Formulated Product Development
  • Inventory Management, Planning & Scheduling
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Smart Integration between ERP, MES/ MOM, LIMS, SCADA, equipment and your people

How do we do it?

We apply industry best practices (CSIA, MESA) and standards (ISA-88/ 95, Prince II, PMA etc) within our projects. Our services to our customers covers Business & Technical Consultancy, Implementation and Support.

We work with Quality Assurance and Control, Production, Maintenance, IT, Manufacturing IT, Process Engineering and Product Development to scope, design and implement solutions. Our services and solutions are offered in the space and integration between your operators, equipment, ERP and PLM for your manufacturing.

All our solutions are business critical and therefore we offer you ongoing support to ensure your production has maximum availalbility aligned with your business requirements. Within our Global support services, we ensure that local support is part of our service. This local support will know you, understands your processes and has the knowledge of the solutions running.

Customer Benefits

  • Increase operational efficiency by faster adoption of advanced automation systems, robotics and digital transformation technologies

  • Implement better quality control by identifying defects and issues at an earlier stage in supply chain

  • End to end traceability from raw material to order fulfillment

  • Enhance worker safety and operating conditions

  • Enable compliance with food & beverage industry standards and regulatory ecosystems

  • Ensuring continuous production uptime by timely maintenance and upgrade of critical plant system

Why Customer Choose ATS?

Our customers have chosen ATS because of:

  • Our experienced people who listen but also challenge and give guidance on best practices

  • Our team and close collaboration to serve our customers

  • Our commitment to serve them with solutions which deliver the business benefits

  • Our 24/7 Support team who cares and goes the extra mile to keep the production running

  • Our subject matter expertise on MOM solutions for Food & Beverage underpinned by successfully implemented solutions with great customers

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