ATS Integrates Webservices to Enterprise Resource Planning for Filling and Packaging Based on Iginition


  • Provide connectivity between ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Sepasoft MES components
  • Enhance OEE and Track & Trace adoption across the filling lines

Project Scope

  • Utilise webservices between Ignition and ERP (QAD MFGpro )
  • Adopt latest standards to provide “tight integration – loosely coupled” to future proof system operability between the systems
  • Exchange -Schedule / Work Orders / BOM / Consumed & Produce details
ATS Success Story - ats-integrates-webservices-to-enterprise-resource-planning-for-filling-and-packaging-based-on-iginition-image

Solution Approach

  • Adopt B2MML / ISA-95 standards
  • ERP adoption of webservices connectivity (responsibility of the customer)
  • Analyse Ignition (Sepasoft) compliance to ISA-95
  • Conduct proof of concept testing working closely with the IT Department of the customer

Systems & Tools

  • Ignition by Inductive Automation & Sepasoft MES
  • ATS webservices toolkit

The Results

Data can now be shared between ERP & MES

One version of the truth

No double entry of data or production schedules

Enhanced audit trail

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