The global Aerospace industry is witnessing continual changes thanks to the furious pace of technological advances and with the developing economies spreading their wings.

Aircraft fleets have to be maintained in regions where MRO operations may not exist today.

New-generation aircraft have even more sophisticated avionics making them more complex and expensive.

According to industry reports, the global air transport MRO market will reach USD 109.2 billion by 2027. MRO providers must recognise the potential of end-of-life market and be prepared to handle new composite and metal matrix materials. With a changing workforce profile, use of 3D visualization, AR & VR technologies, IoT & analytics, component & line maintenance, asset health monitoring, advanced simulations in testing and software configuration protocols the related training requirements deepen the challenges for MRO providers and OEMs.

Aerospace MRO Challenges

  • Growing regulatory and compliance ecosystem
  • High cost of compliance
  • Traditionally insulated industry, with limited technological exposure
  • Maximizing natural ground time of aircraft
  • Shrinking space availability at line maintenance centers
  • e-enablement services and processes
  • Handling of the vast amount of data generated by ground systems
  • Inspection and NDT techniques for new materials used in aircraft and sub-systems

ATS Inspect: Our Solution for MRO

ATS Inspect supports quality operators in their visual and dimensional quality processes

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Use 3D or Layered Views

  • Mimics real-world inspection
  • Get inside the product
  • Faster inspections and repair
  • Faster setup times

Inspect Assists with Defect Entry

  • Guides operator through inspection process
  • Provides reference documents
  • Redirects defective units to repair
  • Solution for mass customization
  • Electronic checklists
  • Dynamic inspection and repair process
  • Personalised questions for each unit
  • Confirms correct build
  • Improve customer confidence
  • Reduce warranty claims

View Reports Anywhere

  • 80+ off-the-shelf reports
  • Web-based reporting
  • Utilises Microsoft SSRS® technology

Multiple Report Configurations

  • Store different parameters for different users/tasks

Automatic Report Generation

  • Reports generated at set intervals
  • Sent to email or folder
  • Send as PDF, Excel or XML

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