When DRS Laurel Technologies became an active partner in a program to refurbish and return Bradley Fighting Vehicles to active service they came to ATS for a quality inspection solution. We gave them ATS Inspect.

Some of the specific challenges included:

  • Eliminating communications breakdown with the factory floor.
  • Accounting for and reconciling reassigned parts.
  • Accurately identifying parts that need repair.
  • Tracking repair information

Solution Approach

The ATS Inspect solution allows them to do the following:

  • Create a visual record for each cable that can be called up at any time.
  • Track cables as they move through the process to ensure than none are mislaid and that they all go back to the vehicle they came from.
  • Display special work instructions on screen for critical actions.
Solution Approach

The Results

ATS Inspect proved a valuable tool for DRS Laurel Technologies’ stakeholders, from managers to repair staff. Project Manager, Andy Fitzgerald, offers a real world example:

“I just got a call this morning from my customer, explaining they were seeing some nicks in portions of the cable from time to time and it was causing the wiring harness to short out. They went on to ask if we can put some additional sheathing over a specific portion of a cable. Sure, we can do that, but how do I convey that to each team member who will come in contact with that harness?

With ATS Inspect my Quality Engineer places a simple instruction box on the graphic each team member sees. That change means the request for additional sheathing has a much better chance of being done every time and we have a happy customer.”


For more information download the full case study.

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