ATS Global is the Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation. We have expertise in various automation and IT platforms across broad range of industries. We deliver platform independent products and solutions to enable industrial data collection, storage, monitoring, analysis, optimization, execution and business integration.

Over the past 33 years, ATS has developed a niche for itself in the smart automation, quality and IT excellence industry. We achieve this by leveraging the combined potential of our in-house and third party partner products.

We now distribute first class hardware and software products across 25+ countries. Our products and solutions portfolio helps our customers to maximize Return on Investment (RoI) on their OT/IT expenditure.

What do we do?

We partner with leading automation and IT suppliers with world-class knowledge and extensive experience in their respective domains. We implement high-quality solutions and services for:

  • Industrial automation hardware and software solutions
  • Communication and interoperability platforms such as Open Platform Communication (OPC)
  • Industrial data management and analytics software solutions
  • Real-time operational intelligence / mobility
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)/ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
  • Plant-to-business integration solutions for manufacturing intelligence

We offer complete life cycle support on our partner products, from solution architecture to supply, implementation, training, technical support, migration, and upgrade. Our engineers are fully trained and experienced in providing independent support and solutions for these global products for local applications.

Our exclusive access to our partners helps us gain first-hand information about partner products, functionalities, future upgrades, support methodology, and troubleshooting techniques. This also helps us act as a single service point for all product requirements.

Fast Facts

  • 35+ global partners across automation, IT and digital transformation industries

  • Product consulting, training, implementation and support in 100+ countries

  • 4000+ customers across 15+ industries


Solution Provider

ATS Global is a major Solution Partner for Siemens Digital Industries Software. We are proud to have been associated with Siemens since 2005 and working as their leading implementation and  Smart Expert partner in more than 10 countries. We are committed to working with Siemens to help our customers realise digital transformation across the industrial value chain. We are global partners for software solutions for Automation (PLC & SCADA), Manufacturing Operations Management (OpCenter APS, MOM, RD&L), Product Lifecycle Management (Teamcenter, Simcenter, NX), Process Control Systems and more.

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Inductive Automation

Enterprise Integrator

ATS Global is an Enterprise Integrator of Ignition, the unlimited platform for SCADA, IIoT,  and so much more. We are proud to be one of the biggest Ignition system integrators, with Ignition’s Premier and Enterprise Integrator status. Our engineers routinely reach the highest level of certification for the latest version of Ignition software and have successfully delivered countless mission-critical Ignition implementations for their enterprise customers.

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ATS Global is a primary implementation partner for iBASEt solutions that simplify how complex products are built and maintained. Utilize the iBASEt Digital Operations Suite, powered by Solumina iSeries, to leverage advanced technologies, to expand your digital ecosystem, and drive Industry 4.0 strategies. ATS Global’s skills in implementing iBASEt’s innovative solutions, based on a microservices architecture, provide new options to ease the challenges of complex manufacturing, helping organizations achieve their Industry 4.0 vision.

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Solution Partner

ATS Global has been a solution partner of Rulex since 2019. The partnership allows ATS Global to leverage the power of the Rulex Artificial Intelligence platform to bring high-value solutions to our customers in the areas of equipment predictive maintenance, inventory optimization, predictive product quality, and more. Rulex implements Explainable AI (XAI), where models and predictions are auditable and provable, and can be directly reviewed and edited by business experts rather than scientists. Rulex XAI is the only Artificial Intelligence tool that is automatically compliant with GDPR article 22 for automated decisions.

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Partners for Networks

  • Sixnet – Ethernet switches, M2M communication products
  • Molex-Communication products
  • Uticor hardware
  • Cybersplice – OT Cybersecurity

Partners for CAD / CAM

  • Hexagon – Edgecam – CAM
  • ANSYS – SpaceClaim
  • Seiki – Data Acquisition System
  • CGTech – Vericut CNC Simulation Software
  • WSCAD – Electrical, Piping and Instrumentation CAD package

Partners for Automation – L2

  • Siemens – PLC and SCADA, Motion and Drives
  • Rockwell
  • Inductive Automation – Ignition SCADA
  • Kepware – Kepware Manufacturing Suite, IoT Gateway, MTConnect, DataLogger, Advanced Tags
  • Intec – L2 engineering and programming, commissioning robots, PLC
  • Auvesy versiondog – Automated data management and version control
  • Stratus Technologies – Zero-touch Edge Computing Solutions

Partners for MES / MOM / PLM / Cloud – L3 / L4

  • Siemens – Opcenter / Opcenter Execution ( Discrete or Process) (MOM Suite, R&D Suite, Preactor), Camstar, Mindsphere, Teamcentre
  • Sepasoft – Ignition MES
  • iBASEt – Solumina MES
  • Critical Manufacturing – Low Code MES for Industry 4.0
  • Werum – PAS-X Pharma MES Solution
  • GE Digital – Predix, Historian, Workflow, Plant Applications
  • Nomuda – VisualFactory
  • Microsoft – Azure
  • Amazon – Amazon Web Servers (AWS)
  • IBM – Watson

How do we do it?

We help our customers to choose the best-fit automation and IT products for their specific requirements. We can interface or integrate with any device or system in the manufacturing environment across PLC, DCS, controllers, safety systems, quality systems, MES/MOM and ERP.

We engage with customers across the spectrum, from organizations with less than 10 employees to Fortune-100 multinational corporations. We can work on projects ranging from a few days to multi-year contracts.

We invest significant efforts to understand the “as-is” and “to-be” state of our customers automation, IT and Digital Transformation landscape. We take end-to-end ownership of the product implementation life cycle. Our modular program leverages our experience, cross-pollinating industry best practices and the knowledge of seasoned consultants from ATS Global and MOMi.

Our modular project execution methodology includes the following key phases.
We only use the phases required by each customer’s specific challenges.

1. Explore
Understand the customer challenges and requirements in detail.

2. Envision
Create a roadmap for product implementation with relevant business cases for customer challenges.

3. Design
Solution architecture, work package formulation and framework for future business processes.

4. Select
Conduct gap-analysis and identify the best-fit product to address the challenge.

5. Execute
Complete ownership of full project lifecycle implementation and integration with organizational processes and practices.

6. Training
Comprehensive technical and non-technical training of personnel for the products.

7. Support
End-to-end support on 24x7x365 basis after the project go-live stage for continuous production uptime.


Customer Benefits

  • Access to high-quality solutions and services to address specific tasks such as:

    • Extracting transparent data and information from production processes
    • Unlocking valuable inaccessible data
    • Integrating the Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) systems
  • Single-access window and support for multiple automation and IT products

  • Expert consultation on best fit for current and future requirements

  • Gain from ATS’s investments and expertise in Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

  • Leverage ATS’s knowledge-base on legacy technologies/systems for seamless migration and upgrade

  • Address cross-platform compatibility issues

  • Fast Return on Investment (RoI)