Kepware provides wide range of communication and interoperability software solutions focusing on automation industry.

Kepware’s flexible and scalable communication solution connects, monitors & controls disparate automation devices and third party software solutions.​

Kepware industry-endorsed software solutions improve operations and decision making from shop floor to top floor by providing consistent, reliable data across the enterprise.​

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Why Kepware

Kepware is the one of the most well-known companies that offers software solutions and specialises in industrial automation. Kepware is trusted by companies and operators to provide efficient OPC solutions and more since it has more than 25 years of experience streamlining manufacturing operations around the globe.​

With the ability to integrate drivers and consume a variety of protocols on a single server, Kepware’s software provides a streamlined user interface for simple installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.​

Benefits of Kepware​

What could you accomplish if all your machines across all manufacturing operations were speaking the same language? Kepware provides critical technical features that enable accessibility, aggregation, optimization, connectivity, security, and diagnostics.​








Kepware KEPServerEx

KEPServerEX is far more than just an OPC servers – it is an entire connectivity platforms for industrial automation and IoT. ​ ​

ThingWorx Kepware Server

ThingWorx Kepware Server is a single solution collecting, aggregating, and providing secure access to industrial operations data.

Advanced Plug-ins

Advanced Tags enables machine-to-machine (M2M) tag linking, logic, and math functions for operational communications and analysis. ​

Kepware ThingWorxKepware Edge

Connect your devices reliably and securely to critical applications and systems with Kepware Edge.

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