KEPServerEX is far more than just an OPC servers – it is an entire connectivity platforms for industrial automation and IoT. ​ ​​

It allows users to connect, manage, monitor and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface.​

The Advanced Plug-ins extend the capabilities of KEPServerEX, providing enhanced functionality, bringing benefits at the shop-floor and across the business


Key Features and Benefits


Provides connectivity to a growing list of devices and applications

Data quantity, quality and reliability​

Scales from applications with one device and one tag to thousands of devices and millions of tags

System security​

Features secure, authenticated, and encrypted communications across various network topologies​


Offers a streamlined interface for convenient installation, configuration, maintenance, and support

Dynamic technology​

Includes features and functionality as determined by the market and Kepware’s user base

  • Offers a library of 150+ device drivers, client drivers and advanced plugins ​
  • ​Provides industrial operations data to traditional industrial automation clients and new IoT solutions​
  • Meets the highest standards of quality through third party validation