Vulnerability Shielding to Secure OT Systems from Cyber-Physical Attacks

In converged IT/OT environments Cybersplice provides complete protection by establishing an encrypted overlay to abstract the OT network, doing away with the extensive requirements of an air-gap.

Cybersplice provides access control, behavioral profiling, Intrusion Detection, and a forensic audit trail of all OT control network traffic.

OT Cybersecurity Made Easy

Cybersplice keeps you secure without big reconfigurations and interruptions to your existing production processes. There’s no need for address changes on field equipment, HMI’s or controllers.

Meanwhile, it utilises advanced machine learning, encryption, virtualisation, security and networking concepts and allows for logical isolation and control enhancements (such as authentication offloading and vulnerability shielding) to be built into the network core.

It even protects you from anomalous communication between OT devices through powerful profiling, outlier detection and deterministic analysis algorithms




With splice there is no need to touch the actual equipment or code.


Splice overcome device and controller vulnerabilities by building vulnerability shielding, authentication, authorisation and access control into the network layer.


Splice logically isolates targets in an encrypted overlay network for centralised profiling, segregation and Intrusion Detection.


Splice enable sensitive real world interfacing devices to co-exist securely inside existing IT networks.

Vulnerability Shielding

IT security practices do not always translate well for OT security or IoT security purposes. For various reasons, it may not be viable to patch vulnerabilities in HMI’s and PLC’s.

SPLICE provides a way to mitigate these vulnerabilities through Vulnerability Shielding by injecting authentication code into the existing communication flow. When a sensitive function is accessed, SPLICE takes over from the normal application flow and requests OTP or password verification before forwarding the request through to the HMI.

Using Vulnerability Shielding, Role Based Access Control (with or without two factor authentication) can be built into legacy applications without touching the application code. Vulnerability Shielding works with both legacy and AJAX/websocket-based applications.

ATS Global and Cybersplice

In our holistic vision we look at all aspects of security in a complex landscape. Taking into account the risk of both external threats and (internal) fraud ATS Global continuously improves your security.

By combining the unique strengths of Cybersplice with our approach of looking at security from a human perspective, we are able to provide a balance between proper security and workability.

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