Delivering Value through Digital Transformation with Innovative Siemens Solutions

With Siemens, we are committed to enabling companies to digitalise and integrate their entire industrial value chain. The Siemens Portfolio of industry leading software solutions helps manufacturers to become a digital enterprise and mature in their digital transformation road-map.

With our qualified specialists spanning the globe, we leverage Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions to integrate the entire industrial value chain, providing consultancy, project implementation, software and support to enterprises of every size.

ATS Supports an International Aerospace Supplier Implementing Opcenter Execution ( Discrete or Process) Opcenter APS
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ATS Supports a North America Based Retail Chain to Integrate Opcenter Execution ( Discrete or Process) Opcenter APS
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Deploying Solutions for Manufacturing Operations Around the Globe

Whether you´re a small company or a big, global enterprise, Siemens technologies and architecture will adapt to the specific requirements of your manufacturing process. They provide comprehensive MOM applications with a rich ecosystem of industry-specific functionalities. The platform is highly scalable and enables customers to combine production efficiency with quality and visibility to reduce time to production.

Whether you want to be on top of product quality, incoming orders and material stock, or laboratory tests, these solutions will support you at the every step of the operational process.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Analyze and calculate production schedules. Integrates with other software such as ERP and MES.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Digitalization for production, maintenance, quality and inventory. Connect to ERP.

Quality Management

Prevention of recurring defects. Reduction of process, quality, defect, and scrap/re-work costs.

Research, Development and Laboratory (RD&L)

Make the necessary operational adjustments for smoother and more efficient production.

Manufacturing Intelligence and Performance

Keep the product designs and processes in-line with quality and regulatory requirements.

Product Lifecycle Management

Capture, manage and synchronize product design data across your enterprise

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Collaboration for Lifecycle Management

Creating new products to meet customers´ ever changing demands while reflecting evolving markets can be a challenge for manufacturers.

Siemens offers a modern, adaptable Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system that connects people and processes, across functional departments such as manufacturing, quality, cost engineering, compliance, service, and your supply chain.

Our engineers can design, implement and support your PLM solution. Contact us ->

Factory Automation Solutions

Next up is automation systems design, system architecture selections, maintenance, troubleshooting and training courses, for which we are a trusted Siemens partner.

We are able to roll out automation projects based on Siemens software used by manufacturers all around the world. This automation software offers simplified engineering and simulation tools that allow you to monitor and maintain productivity and efficiency throughout your plant.

Factory automation solutions that we support:

  • TIA Portal
  • Controller Software
  • HMI Software
  • SCADA Software
  • SIMATIC MindSphere
  • Process Control Systems (PCS)

Design & Simulation Solutions

This is another portfolio of Siemens products. Designers can create precise product models for visualizing, sharing and validating product designs. Engineers can boost productivity by collaborating across departments at every stage, from mechanical concept through to build and test. Of course, there´s more to it.

Being a manufacturer of consumer goods itself, Siemens offers a suite of applications for developing 3D products. Our specialist are fully certified and experienced with:

  • NX CAD Design
  • NX CAM Machining
  • Simcenter

Low – Code platform

The last solution we’ll highlight is the low-code platform Mendix, used by IT- leaders and enterprise architects around the world to build, test, deploy and iterate applications.

It’s ideal for evaluating and updating those challenging outdated work processes and perfect for the fast development of applications to solve specific problems within the organization.

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Siemens and ATS Global

ATS Global is long-time partner of Siemens in the area of integrated automation solutions which includes devices, software, industrial networks, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), PLM solutions, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) as well as factory automation. We are well oriented in Siemens products and solutions delivering tangible business value to customers world-wide.

Our Business Offerings for Siemens Solutions

We take ownership from pre-bid engineering design to post-commissioning 24/7 site support and embed quality-by-design in our engineering deliverable to develop robust automation and IT systems.

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Some of our Siemens Solution implementation success stories

ATS APS Success Story 4

ATS Supports an International Aerospace Supplier Implementing Opcenter Execution ( Discrete or Process) Opcenter APS

25% reduction in customer complaints on delivery performance; More than 5% yield improvement…
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ATS Supports a North America Based Retail Chain to Integrate Opcenter Execution ( Discrete or Process) Opcenter APS

Insight into the real capacity of the factory and impact of the last-minute orders. Consolidation of applications…
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Plastic Injection Manufacturer Increase Productivity with Opcenter

Improved adaptability of the scheduling system and created platform for future improvement.
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