ATS Supports an International Aerospace Supplier Implementing OPCENTER APS


  • The plant manufactures blades and nozzle guide vanes for the aerospace and industrial gas turbine industries.
  • Align scheduling of multiple complex manufacturing areas and having a single overview
  • To create more visibility on what will happen in the future

Project Scope

  • Create insights into the real capacity of the factory
  • Create an insight on the expected end dates of works orders
  • Explore possibilities to respond rapidly to changes

Solution Approach

  • OPCENTER APS provided necessary insight on production scheduling
  • Tight integration with both ERP and MES to leverage the existing information within the organization
  • Powerful APS algorithms to create multiple planning scenario’s applicable to each situation

Systems & Tools

  • OPCENTER APS software

The Results

25% reduction in customer complaints on delivery performance

More than 5% yield improvement through improved scheduling

10% increase in delivery performance

Improved forecasting ability

The ability to create and compare various planning scenarios to pick the best applicable scenario at that moment

Empowered the customer project team members to be involved in the design of the two-way data exchange between ERP, APS and MES

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