The Most Modern MES for Industry 4.0

With Critical Manufacturing MES, ATS Global provides manufacturers in demanding discrete industries a platform for Industry 4.0 success.

Critical Manufacturing MES bridges the IT/OT divide and transforms business outcomes with reliable access to detailed and timely insights with complete context and intelligence for confident decision making and profitable action.

Whether plants use traditional technologies or Industry 4.0 distributed intelligence, Critical Manufacturing MES is ready to help manufacturers accelerate progress towards their Industry 4.0 goals.

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IIoT Has a “Thing” for MES. Why IoT Platforms Won’t Replace MES for Industry 4.0
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Making Industry 4.0 a Reality
for All Manufacturers

The Most Complete Modular Solution

Inherently designed to accommodate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), mobile devices, automation, sensors, Critical Manufacturing MES is truly an Industry 4.0 hub. Critical Manufacturing MES offers not only advanced analytics and continuous improvement tools, but also augmented reality, a unique manufacturing digital twin and modern, intuitive interfaces that will empower the next generation of workers.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Create schedules (people & resources) using multiple weighted criteria. Enforce correct process sequences and optimize production throughput.

Visibility & Intelligence
Dashboards, BI Cards and a Data Warehouse provide graphical online visibility, multi-source data extraction, reporting, data and performance management.

AR, VR & Digital Twin
Real-time 3D visual insight into the shop floor to view historical production overviews. Deep analytical capabilities, visualizations a reports with Fablive Factory Digital Twin.

Factory Management
Management of shop floor resources. Includes WIP tracking, routing/ dispatch, resource and materials management, traceability/ genealogy and master data management among others.

Factory Automation
A factory-level workflow engine that monitors all factory events and orchestrates the right response from different systems and applications to achieve high-automation.

Quality Management
A complete suite of integrated modules including Sampling, SPC, Exceptions Management, Document Management and Experiments Management.

IoT Data Platform
Complete, scalable solution combines IoT, equipment integration, data processing and analytics with contextual intelligence from the MES to generate transformative insights.

Factory Integration & Automation
Platform for ERP and equipment integration and Factory Automation. Flexible PLM Integration for tight alignment between virtual design & physical production allows collaborative feedback loops.

Operational Efficiency
Functionalities to optimize and increase the efficiency of shop floor operations, including maintenance, order, labor, materials management, costing and advanced layout and printing.

Material Logistics


A just-in-time integrated warehouse management module which manages all shop-floor related warehouse management business processes, material requests, fulfilment and transportation.

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Making Industry 4.0 a Reality for All Manufacturers

ATS Global’s industry know-how and strong customer focus, combined with Critical Manufacturing’s comprehensive product footprint brings digitalization to the forefront for high tech/discrete manufacturers. Contact us.

Driving business value through the convergence of Intelligence, Operations and Automation

Critical Manufacturing and ATS Global bring a complete solution to customers entering their digitalization journey.

Foundation for Industry 4.0

Built on industry best practices, and permanently evolving to capture advances in IT architecture, technology, customer needs and manufacturing practices.

The IoT & Low Code Platform for Manufacturers

Transform new manufacturing insights into action.

This complete, highly scalable solution combines IoT, equipment integration, data processing and analytics with contextual intelligence from MES to help manufacturers generate transformative insights to improve performance, efficiency and innovation.

Critical Manufacturing and ATS Global

ATS Global is a premier partner of Critical Manufacturing, as both a Consulting and Services Partner for Critical Manufacturing’s MES.

Our experienced engineers demonstrate their knowledge by successfully passing Critical Manufacturing’s Certification process.

We provide a complete service, all the way from front end strategic consulting through to implementation, maintenance and support.

What Makes Critical Manufacturing MES Different?

Critical Manufacturing MES is packed with the latest technologies and advanced capabilities necessary for manufacturers to drive an enterprise wide view of manufacturing operations. The distributed architecture and open platform is designed to rapidly scale according to manufacturing needs.

Industry 4.0 Readiness

Progress to Industry 4.0 with the latest IIoT, Equipment Integration, Augmented Reality and Digital Twin technologies.
Single Solution
Leverage one single technology stack with a single user experience and no integration.

Broadest Functionality

The most complete natively integrated functionality for IIoT, Scheduling, Quality, Efficiency, Analytics and Automation
Integration and Automation
Benefit from one solution to integrate any standard and IoT interfaces with no code configuration and easy deployment

Flexibility and Ease-of-Use


Users are in control with configurable interfaces and easy set up for process owners.

Enterprise Standardization

Customers can create and rapidly deploy a single baseline MES across multiple sites, enabling standardization, exchange and re-use of manufacturing information assets.

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Critical Manufacturing

IIoT Has a “Thing” for MES. Why IoT Platforms Won’t Replace MES for Industry 4.0

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8 Reasons Why Manufacturing IIoT Projects Fail – A new approach is needed

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