ATS Designs and Implements End-to-End Solution at Pea Harvesting Facility


  • Manage the product from seed to growing, harvesting, processing and finally bulk packing.
  • Ensure peas go from picked to frozen within a specified time limit.
  • Record quality control with full traceability.
  • Calculate final product grade, crop yields and payments to farmers.
  • Logistics tracking from field to processing plant

Project Scope

  • Complete season planning for seed, field, harvesting and processing.
  • Track vehicles from the field to plant using mapping functionality (Garmin).
  • Automatic vehicle identification and weighing for incoming product.
  • User configurable grading and QC system for product processing.
  • Generate reports using planning and collected QC data.
  • Calculate payments to the farmers through SAP integration.

Solution Approach

  • Implement, maintain and support ATS CropIT as per the client’s requirements.
  • Enable centralized quality checks before the product leaves the field and maintain logistical oversight by means of 4G and remote version of software.
  • Define a system that processes various data including actual field production data, vehicle tracking and final product.
  • Integrate with SAP.
  • Provide comprehensive reporting to allow comparisons with previous harvest periods.  This enables continuous success by giving industry experts historical data

Systems & Tools

  • ATS CropIT, C#.Net, MS SQL Server, HMI, PLC, Mapping Functionality using OS maps and vehicle tracking via Garmin

The Results

Raised productivity due to centralised planning.

Improved yield by approximately 8%.

Forecasting accuracy increased by 20%.

Transparency at all levels of the harvesting process.

Reduced product waste by approximately 30-40%.

Eliminated late payments to farmers.

Reduced operational expenses by at least 15-20% through automation.

Complete product traceability.

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