• The setup of a new facility (green field) to manufacture bakery products
  • To have full product traceability and compliance to regulatory standards
  • To have a paper-less and fully automated production process

Project Scope

  • Requirements analysis, gap analysis, software architecture design, software functional design
  • Solution implementation, integration with other systems, testing and deployment
  • 24/7 support

Solution Approach

  • Collaborative requirements analysis and solution design, side-by-side with the customer
  • Agile software development
  • Simulation of the shop-floor production lines
  • Test cycles in close-loop with sprint development

Systems & Tools

  • SIEMENS SIMATIC IT for Process Libraries
  • SIEMENS Tecnomatix
  • Support Services 24/7

The Results

  • Achievement of a paper-less production process
  • Full automation of production
  • Granular lot traceability
  • Team ATS 10 people
  • Duration 13 months

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