ATS Delivers Semi-automated Production Line for a Car Components Manufacturer


  • Upgrade automation system for customer’s production line
  • The plant produced 70 different car variants.
  • The semi-automated system had 29 independent stations and 2 conveyors equipped with 30 control PCs and 2 servers.

Project Scope

  • Design, development, assembly and remote/on-site support of production line.
  • Production processes for assembly of components in different steps and stages
  • Semi-automated system for testing and calibration of semi-finished and final products

Solution Approach

  • Line database server for shop-floor data collection to manage traceability, BOM, resources and materials, recipe management, work instructions, reporting on Andon screens and intranet, etc.
  • Traceability feature was realized using the Manufacturing Execution System.
  • Individual stations were controlled by industrial PCs leveraging the LabVIEW platform.
  • Each station had its own internal network to be able to communicate with peripherals like digital or analogue inputs and outputs, controlled resources, cameras, scanners, etc.

Systems & Tools

  • Mitsubishi SCARA robots
  • Honeywell Barcode scanner
  • Montrac conveyor systems
  • Database and reporting- Microsoft SQL
  • Industrial Control PCs and servers (MS Windows + LabVIEW)
  • Cameras and camera sensors

The Results

Easy setup production parameters from one central location

Operator on-screen guidance

Rapid changes of desired production variants

Detailed on-line reporting

Production data available anytime

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