ATS ADOS Subscription

Start using our award winning software suite
from only $219 / month

Our subscription pricing model allows you to avoid the burden of up-front capital investments and enables a “scale & pay as you go” approach. This way, you can adjust your usage capacity, experience 75% lower annual spending, align costs with benefits and discontinue use if things don’t go as planned.

We also offer quantity discounts for larger projects, providing further value in an enterprise setting.

Adjust capacity as you need to

Align costs with value capture

Reduce the total cost

Transparent and simple pricing

Smaller up-front investment

Stop subscribing whenever
you want

Prefer a Perpetual License?

If you’re looking to buy the software outright, then we can accommodate that too. Just ask us about our Perpetual Licensing pricing option when you get in touch.

You still have all the same benefits of the software and our Software Maintenance Agreement ensures you always have the latest version.

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