Aerospace companies around the world are using ATS CM4D to fill the gap between the virtual design world of Computer Aided Design and the physical world of manufacturing. The case study you can download below contains examples from three different customers, all of whom wanted to achieve the same objectives:

  • Predict assembly problems
  • Compare product to original design
  • Reduce issue response time
  • Improve manufacturing processes

Project Scope

The scope of ATS CM4D projects in the aerospace sector vary immensely but generally contain the following elements:

  • Receive data from multiple sources in multiple formats.
  • Translate data into a standard format so that it can be used together.
  • Generate reporting and analysis that can be accessed anywhere and used to improve products and processes.
Project scope

The Results

By implementing ATS CM4D aerospace customers receive many benefits:

  • Improved communication and coordination across the company and the supply chain.
  • Improved manufacturing processes thanks to decision making based on the latest information.
  • Faster dimensional quality checks which save valuable machine and operator time.
  • Reduced training and maintenance costs as all dimensional data is recorded and analysed in one place.

Download the full case study to discover all of the benefits that ATS CM4D presented.

Download Case Study