MAN Truck & Bus AG had a problem. Their existing quality inspection methods couldn’t adapt quickly enough to the increasing truck customisations. On top of that, they were spending far too much time trying to extract useable reports and analysis from the data.

Much of this stemmed from the fact that they were still using sheets of paper to record visual quality issues. The paper forms couldn’t be adapted effectively to the different models and build options that made each truck unique.

The man-hours taken to analyse the data was also a concern. The data from each sheet of paper had to be manually copied into the system, with the additional risks of human error during the transcribing.

To overcome these issues, they implemented our digital visual inspection solution – ATS Inspect. This gave them many advantages, including:

  • Enhanced traceability: Instant access to a complete history of the quality inspections recorded against each vehicle.
  • Reduced quality management hours: Less time is spent on analysing data so more time can be spent raising it.
  • Reduced rework and scrap costs: By catching defects sooner and eliminating the cause of issues the overall cost of rework and scrap has been reduced.

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