Manufacturing Quality of Jet Engines Enhanced by ATS Inspect at Honeywell


Honeywell is manufacturing the engines for fighter jets in Taiwan and manufacturing processes don’t come much more complex than those involved in the creation of jet engines. This is why they came to ATS for a solution that could do the following:

  • Eliminate paperwork on the shop floor.
  • Raise quality levels.
  • Reduce scrap and rework costs.
  • Provide in-depth, real-time quality analysis.

ATS fulfilled these requirements by implementing ATS Inspect.


Solution Approach

  • ATS Inspect is being used to check for potential concerns such as damaged or incorrectly oriented components, incorrectly placed clamps, adequate spacing around wiring looms and so on.
  • The inspection is presented to the engineer in the form of a text only checklist. The engineer is then guided through each verification step in the inspection process.
  • When the engineer selects a fault they can indicate the location of the fault on a graphical representation of the engine.

Systems & Tools

  • ATS Inspect

The Results

Thanks to the digital transformation of their inspection provided by ATS Inspect, Honeywell have achieved significant reductions in their defect rate while simultaneously reducing the cost of quality thanks to the detailed real-time analysis they now have available.

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