Six Sigma Project Aided by ATS Inspect at Navistar


Navistar, one of the world’s leading heavy truck manufacturers, was looking for a visual quality inspection system to implement at one of its facilities. Their existing in-house system collected quality data but it couldn’t trace the location of defects to their X and Y coordinates on panels or within subcomponents.

After an in-depth analysis of solutions from 12 companies they chose ATS Inspect.

Solution Approach

The system was installed and functional within weeks and inspectors had no problem learning the new system with its intuitive and customizable user interface. The solution contained the following elements:

  • Inspectors can enter quality data via touch screen at various points on the plant floor.
  • A photo of the defect can be stored with it to aid repairs and analysis.
  • Personnel are alerted to quality events via email and overhead displays.
  • Information about the current production is now available to anyone on the Navistar intranet via an internet browser.

Systems & Tools

  • ATS Inspect

The Results

Rick Burns, who was in charge of implementation said:

“When we first discovered ATS Inspect, we thought the ability to pinpoint the actual location of certain defects, especially paint, was the greatest benefit, but after using the system for a few months, it became clear that this function is secondary to the ability to analyze the statistical information immediately.

Event Service will allow us to automate the notification process instead of trying to track down the appropriate parties when there is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately”

The system has proved so successful that Navistar has now signed a global license agreement to roll ATS Inspect out into every Navistar facility and subsidiary around the world.

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