ATS Partner Products

ATS Global is the Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation. We work with our partners around the globe to provide the products, solutions and services you need to be a better manufacturer.

We do this by combining our existing solutions, knowledge and experience with the offerings of our partners, bringing together all the elements required to satisfy your unique requirements.

Have a look at the long list of partners below and imagine what you could achieve when you bring together the potential of all those solutions and technologies. Whatever you’re picturing, we can help you to attain it, wherever you are in the world.

GE Digital

Authorized Distributor & Solution Partner

GE DIgital

GE Digital’s software applications accelerate digitization by supporting critical elements like the digital worker, enterprise visibility, scalability, and continuous improvement programs. Empowering businesses for sustainable outcomes in transformative journeys. With a comprehensive suite of manufacturing productivity software, we offer control and monitoring solutions, and manufacturing execution systems for major global brands.

PTC Kepware

Preferred Distributor

PTC Kepware

Kepware, optimizing factory operations for 25+ years, delivers tailored solutions for industrial automation. The connectivity portfolio enhances the plant floor, IT, and the boardroom, connecting diverse devices and software seamlessly. With a scalable, unified architecture, Kepware allows combining drivers and consuming multiple protocols in a single server. Its streamlined interface ensures easy installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting, making it an efficient solution for industrial connectivity challenges.

Korber Pharma

Authorized Service Partner

Korber Pharma

Werum PAS-X transforms MES for pharma, biotech, and cell & gene therapy. Going beyond typical MES software, it offers preconfigured solutions for varied production processes, tailored to diverse manufacturers. Agile and best-in-class, PAS-X supports all industry segments, providing precise assistance from R&D to track & trace. Ensuring efficient, compliant production, Werum PAS-X unlocks the complete business potential for pharmaceutical companies.

Auvesy MDT

Authorized Distributor

Auvesy MDT

AUVESY-MDT is your dedicated partner for achieving maximum reliability, minimal downtime, and high-quality safety standards in industrial automation. As the world leader in manufacturer-independent versioning and change management software, we specialize in enhancing efficiency and reducing costs through predictive maintenance and data-driven decision-making. Rely on AUVESY-MDT for unparalleled support in optimizing your operations and ensuring a seamless and reliable industrial automation experience.


Authorized Distributor

Stratus Logo

For over 40 years, Stratus has empowered Fortune 500 and small-to-medium businesses with high-availability, fault-tolerant computing. Enabling uninterrupted operations at data centers and the Edge, we simplify and de-risk compute infrastructure deployment for digital transformation. Stratus platforms offer unmatched reliability, readiness for advanced technologies, and simplicity, allowing teams in various industries to focus on innovation and achieve greater productivity, efficiency, safety, security, sustainability, and peace of mind.


Preferred Distributor

Inray’s OPC Router is your central communication platform for industrial projects, utilizing standard interfaces for automated data exchange at all levels. Focused on Industry 4.0, the OPC Router, as OPC client software, facilitates IoT and Industry 4.0 communication. This state-of-the-art middleware automates and optimizes data exchange across networked production processes, seamlessly connecting systems vertically and horizontally—from sensors and controllers to ERP, cloud, printers, scales, MES, SCADA, or LIMS. Explore connectivity solutions with a wide range of plug-ins for your project needs.


Authorized Distributor

HighByte’s Intelligence Hub empowers secure, code-free data flow between IT and industrial systems. Deployed at the Edge, it merges real-time, transactional, and time-series data for rapid integration, facilitating analytics, AI, and ML applications. Ensuring standardized data governance, this solution by the Portland-based industrial software company eliminates custom code and integration issues, addressing Industry 4.0’s data challenges with a purpose-built DataOps solution for industrial assets, products, processes, and systems at the Edge.


Authorized Partner


Tulip, the leader in frontline operations, is helping companies of all sizes and across industries, including complex manufacturing equip their workforce with connected apps– leading to higher quality work, improved efficiency, and end-to-end traceability across operations. Tulip allows you to implement multilingual frontline apps to guide operators and standardized data capture with powerful dynamic integrations, intuitive media-rich displays, and out-of-the-box connected device support.

for Networks

Red Lion – Sixnet ethernet switches, M2M communication products
Molex – Communication products
Uticor hardware – Ruggedized SCADA, HMIs, screens and PCs.
Cybersplice – OT Cybersecurity

for CAD / CAM

Hexagon – Edgecam – CAM
ANSYS – SpaceClaim – 3D modelling software
Seiki – Data Acquisition Systems
CGTech – Vericut CNC Simulation Software
WSCAD – Electrical, Piping and Instrumentation CAD package

for Automation – L2

Siemens – PLC and SCADA, Motion and Drives
Mitsubishi Electric – Melsec PLCs and Iconics automation software
Rockwell Automation – ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SLC-500, and more
Inductive Automation – Ignition SCADA
Kepware – Manufacturing Suite, IoT Gateway, MTConnect and more
inTec Automation – L2 engineering, robots, PLC, and more
Auvesy versiondog – Automated data management and version control

for MES / MOM / PLM / Cloud – L3 / L4

Siemens – Opcenter/SIMATIC IT, Camstar, Mindsphere, Teamcentre
Sepasoft – Sepasoft MES
iBASEt – Solumina MES
Critical Manufacturing – Low Code MES for Industry 4.0
Werum – PAS-X Pharma MES Solution
GE Digital – Predix, Historian, Workflow, Plant Applications
Nomuda – VisualFactory
Microsoft – Azure
Amazon – Amazon Web Servers (AWS)
IBM – Watson