Manage and visualize your global operations,
in real time​

Leverage composable, app-based solutions to improve efficiency, scale your workforce, and build adaptable production systems — fast.

Tulip, the leader in frontline operations, is helping companies of all sizes and across industries, including complex manufacturing equip their workforce with connected apps– leading to higher quality work, improved efficiency, and end-to-end traceability across operations.

Tulip allows you to implement multilingual frontline apps to guide operators and standardized data capture with powerful dynamic integrations, intuitive media-rich displays, and out-of-the-box connected device support.

What is Tulip?

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No Code

Democratization allows those that​ don’t know how to code to create apps

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Out-of-the-box connectivity to machines, IIoT devices, smart tools, and systems.

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Application Platform
for Frontline Operations​

We offer an enterprise-grade cloud-based platform that can scale to any size.

Connect your devices, sensors, and machines to your Tulip application to streamline and error-proof data capture.
With Tulip dashboards, use real-time data analytics to gain visibility over all your stations in each of your sites.

Web Based App Editor

Web-Based App Editor

Add logic to your operations without writing any code — using our apps editor, you can make simple work of complex applications.​

Edge + Connectors

Connecting all of your IIoT devices, machines, and systems to Tulip is simple with Edge IO and Edge MC. Get started implementing Tulip into your operations immediately.

Real-Time Analytics

Using the Tulip dashboard, you can measure, monitor, and make visible newly actionable process data through visual analytics.

Ecosystem and content

Ecosystem and Content​

Download best-in-class apps and connectors from the Tulip Library. Learn from free online courses on Tulip University. Chat with experienced users and staff on our Community.

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Vision Camera
Time Studies, Material Flow, etc.

Intuitive Work Instructions


Data Collection and Validation

Edge Devices
Calipers, scales, etc.

Tulip is Human-Centric ​

Move beyond rigid, pre-defined MES screens and paper-on-glass solutions. With Tulip, create intuitive and time-saving workflows that workers will love to use.​

  • ERP-connection​
  • Edge connectivity​
  • Computer vision

Tulip is Enterprise-Ready​

“Lite” in terms of implementation effort – not functionality​

  • Governance​
  • Workspaces​
  • Library​
  • Security

Tulip is All No-Code​

  • Edit apps – no coding experience needed​
  • No-code analytics​
  • No-code computer vision​
  • No-code edge connectivity
Tulip is All No Code
Tulip is All Low Code with No Code

Tulip is All No-Code with Low-Code ​​

Modern cloud-native architecture, open API, and no-code/low-code capabilities​

  • Custom widgets
  • Connectors
  • Node-RED

Tulip is Truly Cloud-Native ​

Full cloud benefits more reliable, scalable, superior performance

Open APIs for easier data sharing, easily fits in tech stack

Faster innovation with more frequent product releases

Tulip enables Data Contextualization​

  • Gain a more holistic view with flexible data collection (machines, devices, humans)​
  • Centralized data structures​
  • Built-in analytics​
  • Accessible for multiple teams​

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