Kostal Ireland have kindly offered to host a 2014 MESA Ireland meeting on Tuesday 26th of August.


  • Introductions
  • Minimising Planned Interruptions – On the Fly System Maintenance – How Can It Be Achieved?
  • 24/7 Support Models – Infrastructure vs Application vs Operational Support
  • Core vs Custom in a Global Rollout – Minimising Customisations and Standardising Implementations
  • Operational Buy-in – “This is not an IT project” How To Ensure the Project is Integrated at the Correct Levels of the Organisation?
  • Automotive Specific Requirements Overview – Compare and Contrast With Other Industries Present?
  • How do MES Solutions Support Change Management?
  • Machine Communication Protocols – Industry Best Practise?


Date and location

26th August 2014 | Mallow Plant, Cork (IE)

Kostal have an advanced MES implementation and this is a great chance to see how MES can be successfully deployed and managed in an electronic/automotive environment.

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