At the end of July, a series of seminars were held in Tokyo to showcase the power and possibilities that come with the award-winning Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solution, ATS ADOS.

The seminars were hosted by TTS, a partner of ATS, and were attended by over 60 decision-makers from companies in the automotive, aerospace, construction and general manufacturing industries. The companies represented included Nissan, AeroEdge, Yamaha and Mitsubishi.

ATS ADOS Seminar in Japan

Hirohito Mizuhara, TTS Executive Director and Motonari Kondo, Group Sales Manager, led the presentations using videos and presentations translated into Japanese. They were supported by Francisco Rivera who presented case studies of ATS ADOS in action and answered the many and varied questions from the audience.

The case studies received very positive feedback and a proposal has already been requested for an ATS ADOS application in the aerospace sector.