Dimensional Quality Professionals Benefit from Business Intelligence Boost

ATS Global B.V. is proud to announce the release of the latest version of ATS CM4D. ATS CM4D is a world leading dimensional data aggregation and analysis software tool and the latest version has built on this by allowing manufacturers to analyse their data using business intelligence applications. This powerful feature was introduced in response to requests from customers who wanted to perform big data analysis and present the results through customizable dashboards.

Working with Multiple Formats and Thousands of Data Points

The new capabilities are built on the traditional strength of ATS CM4D which is its ability to receive thousands of data points from multiple sources in multiple formats, translate and combine it all, and automatically generate comprehensive reports highlighting results on CAD models of the product.This approach is relied upon by manufacturers around the world to provide standardised, actionable information, no matter the data source.

Business Intelligence Capabilities

The new version of ATS CM4D comes with several improvements over its predecessors but the most consequential is the ability to access and analyse data through business intelligence tools.

The standard functionality is still present but now the data can also be presented and analysed through the customizable dashboards of business intelligence tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, Crystal Reports and Cognos. It gives the user the ability to view and manipulate the data in ways that are as adaptable as the business intelligence tools themselves.

ATS CM4D can also securely integrate with the Cloud, for big data analytics, as well as with shop floor applications, allowing it to receive raw data directly from equipment. This connectivity is provided by ATS Bus, the Manufacturing Service Bus.

By combining its behemoth of a data aggregation engine with big data analytics and dashboards ATS CM4D has set a new precedent in dimensional quality software which will enable manufacturers to raise their quality levels to previously unreachable levels.

More Information

To find out more about ATS CM4D visit www.ats-global.com/ats-cm4d.


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