Digitalising Manufacturing Conference and Getting Value from Data

The fifth annual Digitalising Manufacturing Conference is over and it didn’t disappoint. It was hosted by the MTC in Coventry on 4 & 5 November 2019 and we are pleased to bring you this summary because we were there too.

Getting Value from Data

The ATS UK team of experts presented SODA Labs which is an innovation division of ATS Global. It generates benefits utilising solutions that involve anything ranging from the Cloud, apps and big data, to additive manufacturing, robotics and supply chains. All these services help manufacturers to reduce costs, increase performance and scale globally.

The transformative effects of Industry 4.0 were discussed in detail along with the technologies that are powering it. The team also spoke about Hybrid Architectures, which will help companies embrace new technology without harming their current operations. They also covered Rapid Development, which enables new features to be delivered in days rather than months.

What Else Did ATS Present?

ATS Bus – The Manufacturing Service Bus:
Providing IT/OT convergence, data contextualisation, cloud analytics and edge computing. ATS Bus connects all of your production systems, increases data security and increases reliability and resilience.

ATS Inspect – Product Quality Inspection Software:
For manufacturers that eliminates paper checklists, improves product quality and reduces the Cost of Poor Quality.

ATS CM4D – Product Quality Validation Software:
That predicts assembly issues and allows manufacturers to compare their built product to the original design.

SODA Play:
Software that strengthens continuous improvement by enabling manufacturers to map their business, shape their tasks and play their process.

About the Conference

The conference was created to supply UK manufacturers with empirical information and solutions regarding any challenges that they may face with digital manufacturing. The conference provided great insight into a better digital future and acts as a useful tool to support your Digitalisation.