Hot on the heels of our recent acquisition of ASI Datamyte (the Visual Quality and Gauging Systems company) in the UK, ATS have acquired ALKA Rails and Manipulators here in North America.This acquisition brings to ATS an expert Mechanical Engineering capability with the ability to undertake rapid 3D mechanical design assignments and turn out complete engineered solutions right across the USA, Canada and Mexico.

“How does this fit into ATS as a whole?” I hear you say. Well it’s all to do with Lean Production. Here in Detroit we found ourselves working alongside several companies all working toward delivering pieces of production lines aimed at improving productivity.

Working individually, both ATS and ALKA have delivered many projects across the Automotive and Aerospace industries – achieving massive returns for our customers. But working together we found that we could accelerate those returns. The ALKA engineers have been quick to adopt the principle of “sharing knowledge” which guides ATS in delivering our expert Training services, expert Process Engineering, expert Control Systems Engineering and expert MES/Factory IT Systems Engineering and expert Mechanical Engineering also.