ATS Bus is a manufacturing service bus that allows you to collate, transmit, contextualise and monitor all of your production data across every level, from your enterprise systems to your production line, bridging the IT/OT divide. Its modular design and ability to standardise data communication will give you the flexibility and security you need to implement the Industrial Internet of Things within your plant more quickly, so that you can see a faster return on investment while confidently planning your long-term development digital transformation.

In ATS Bus 1.5 we’ve built on its strengths to give you even more connectivity, more transparency and more control.

New features include:

  • New ways to connect to the production line including MQTT, MTConnect and Atlas Copco Open Protocol.
  • Securely and efficiently transfer files between the production line and enterprise systems.
  • Monitor data connections in real-time and view details of every message sent across ATS Bus.
  • View and manage work orders from within ATS Bus.

Find out more about the new features here

Part of ATS ADOS – The Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Solution


ATS Bus is part of the award-winning ATS ADOS software suite for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. ATS ADOS gives you world-class data collection, reporting and analysis while its cross-application integration provides endless avenues along which to develop and expand your manufacturing potential. For more information on ATS ADOS see here