Smart iiot platform gains direct sap connection and intelligence

ATS Global B.V. is proud to announce the release of the latest version of ATS Bus. ATS Bus is data communication software that bridges the IT/OT divide. Whether it’s a new product line being introduced, a machine being replaced, or new enterprise software being implemented, ATS Bus provides quick, configurable connectivity that keeps manufacturing plants agile.

Providing an IIoT Platform for SAP

ATS Bus already connects a huge range of hardware and software through a single, software-based hub. Whatever the source, destination and formats, ATS Bus transmits the data securely. This makes it the ideal IIoT Platform for SAP.

Plugging SAP into ATS Bus gives it real-time, secure access to the shopfloor, using a single or load-balanced connection. No programming is required as all data connections and translations are performed through a standard configuration application which means you can carry out changes without the need to call in consultants.

ATS Bus provides complete visibility for SAP data as every message sent can be quickly retrieved and analysed, allowing for extremely fast troubleshooting should issues arise. Business Continuity is also maximised by the buffering and handshakes methodology used that ensures that network latency issues and power outages don’t result in data loss.

Manufacturing Intelligence Capabilities

ATS Bus now also performs Manufacturing Intelligence calculations. It uses data gathered directly from shopfloor equipment as well as through manual entry via an intuitive, configurable user interface. Essential data such as production counts and downtime are collected and essential KPIs such as the OEE are then calculated.

This pre-analysed information can be viewed directly within ATS Bus or can be sent to other systems or Cloud-based Business Intelligence dashboards that are connected to ATS Bus.

“ATS Bus grew out of the problems manufacturers encountered communicating across the whole plant without having endless point-to-point connections,” said Dr. Michael Hoppe, Development Operations Director at ATS Global. “Introducing the collection and analysis of Manufacturing Intelligence has been a real joy and adding SAP to our stable of configurable connections will be a huge boon to our customers. Simply put, we won’t be happy until we’ve got no-code connections to everything.”

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