Advanced Planning and scheduling Specialist LSI in Florida, USA Joins ATS Global

We are delighted to announce that Lean Scheduling International LLC has joined ATS Global in an ambitious plan to gain a stock exchange listing. LSI is headquartered in Florida, USA with significant sales in North America and internationally. The LSI team are masters in improving efficiency and productivity with orchestration using Siemens Opcenter software products and their own unique Intellectual Property (IP). Customers include a wide variety of manufacturers from many industries who all benefit from the LSI team expertise.

Dan Hahn and Mike Liddell, Managers and Owners of LSI issued a joint statement “This is a big step for us. We always felt that LSI had serious potential to work with manufacturers globally. When ATS approached us we took our time to evaluate the opportunity versus staying independent. We realized that it was a once in a lifetime chance to integrate our product and service package into ATS’s and be perfectly positioned to serve both local and global manufacturers. We believe this move is great for us, the team, our customers and our suppliers!”

Paul Bron and Ralph Marsh, CEO of ATS Global and VP North America respectively also spoke jointly “Working with Dan and Mike has been a breath of fresh air. Their deep understanding of our customers’ needs, and their solution driven mind set is seriously impressive. Having already helped many manufacturers in achieving operational excellence we are certain that the LSI team will be of critical value to our customers as well and an asset to ATS. LSI will continue to operate as a separate entity under the name ATS Lean Scheduling International LLC whilst offering integrated solutions through the ATS Global network world-wide. Dan Hahn reports to Ralph Marsh in the new structure.”

About LSI

When it comes to one of the pillars of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) LSI is a world leading expert. Manufacturers plan their production, which product, when and how. Sounds easy right? In practice the last mile of production is highly complex as we try to orchestrate raw materials, components, parts, people, machines and consumables into a perfectly balanced operation. Just one late delivery, one faulty product or a sick team member and the balance is lost. LSI works with Siemens Opcenter to constantly poise and pirouette to achieve optimal production, delivering massive benefits to their customers, improving efficiency and minimising waste.

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About ATS Global

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