A Manufacturer of Disposable Syringes in Germany Chooses ATS to Deploy Higher Plant Automation


  • Cost-optimised retrofitting of 17 machines
  • Improved visual communication between machine and operator
  • Optimised interventions to the machines through detailed instructions
  • Reduced scrap in cases of failure or when machines stop

Project Scope

  • Complete machine retrofitting including project planning
  • Design all the technical sub-components
  • Provide sub-components and work with sub-contractors
  • Install & programme system components
  • Support commissioning and production
  • Manage documentation

Solution Approach

  • Decentralised production data acquisition per line
  • Visualisation of machine status & productivity via SCADA / HMI (WinCC)
  • Renewal of the PLC control technology (Siemens)
  • Installation & parameterisation of sensors & actuators (SEW frequency converters, pneumatic cylinders)

Systems & Tools

  • SCADA / HMI (WinCC)
  • Siemens PLC

The Results

Higher plant automation level through state-of-the-art system components

More controlled manufacturing processes enable scrap reduction & reduced machine downtime

More targeted & efficient operator interventions through detailed indications from machines

More targeted product & scrap tracking

Detailed information about machine status & productivity

New visualisation enables maintenance staff to adapt the drives’ parameters and control all functions of a machine

Higher flexibility for changes in production through data management

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