ATS Provide Digital Blueprint Consultancy for a major OEM in Indonesia


  • To create digital roadmap for customer
  • Define a step by step approach to reach digitalization

Project Scope

  • Map out new processes for digitalization
  • Create digital blueprint for the four manufacturing pillars
  • Identify digital roadmap for step-by-step implementation

Solution Approach

  • Carry out process mapping based on lean six-sigma approach
  • Carry out FMEA to identify potential exception under digitalization in focus
  • Drill down to detail process map to create digitalization input/output for processes
  • Collate requirements to form Digital Development Map and identify projects to achieve them
  • Study the impacts of projects to calculate ROI for justification

Systems & Tools

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Smart Industry Readiness Index

The Results

Clear customer understanding of the virtual representation of their physical processes

Ability to prioritize digital development incentives based on potential ROI

Create digital culture among core teams involved

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