ATS advises customers to use Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) products wherever possible. When COTS software is not available our Software Development team can provide a Rapid Application Development (RAD) service. ATS Software Development operates centres of excellence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), The Americas and Asia Pacific (APAC) to provide this service.

RAD services lead to the development of re-useable, maintainable and configurable applications. ATS’s development expertise extends into embedded software applications and high level programming languages.

ATS Software Development applies state of the art development technologies and methodologies and has extensive experience for development on industry standard platforms.

What do we do?

ATS Software Development teams are using the following platforms and industrial software modules:

Back end (business layer) technologies and languages:

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database business rule valuation

Front end (presentation layer) technologies and languages:

  • HTML5 with Angular  5
  • DevExpress as WinForms UI control / WCF as front and back end

Examples of vendor software for bespoke solutions:

  • Opcenter Execution ( Discrete or Process) (classic & Unified Architecture)
  • Ignition/ Sepasoft
  • LabView – Development, implementation and testing
    • I/O Manager module
    • Operator assisted on screen guidance module
    • Database for parameterizing a discrete production process and collecting measured data
  • WinCC

Fast Facts

  • 5,000+ automation and IT projects

  • Installation and commissioning experience in 75+ countries

  • Round the clock support (24/7) for continuous project uptime

  • Leverage our experience across 15+ industries

How do we do it?

ATS develops and delivers your bespoke solutions by applying Best Practices:

  • User story mapping
  • User experience design
  • Development and release with strict version control

Customer Benefits

ATS Software Development customers worldwide enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased flexibility (frequent production parameter changes)
  • Ability to manage complex operations (products with many components)

  • Ability to properly measure and validate each produced unit

  • Faster measurements (dynamic phenomena, processing of measured signals)

  • Ability to store and process large amounts of data

  • Advanced Reporting (customer audits – birth certificate for each product, trend tracking – KPI statistics, line performance evaluation, process optimization, traceability)

ATS Software Development Success Stories

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