• Lowering the cost of external support application virtualisation.
  • Enable IT team to be self-supporting on application lifecycle management.
  • Validating Microsoft App-V infrastructure

Project Scope

  • Consultancy on application virtualization and application lifecycle management
  • Implemented Citrix App layering.
  • On-job training to customer IT personnel (by ATS Teconomy consultant)
Project scope

Solution Approach

  • Introduced and demonstrated Citrix App Layering
  • Utilised ‘easily manageable’ application virtualisation tooling
  • Defined and executed Proof of Concept (PoC).
  • Final roll out
Solution Approach

The Results

  • Annual reduction of 25% on hiring external resources.
  • Implemented Citrix App layering enabled HTM self-supporting tooling on application virtualization.
  • Optimization of Citrix license structure/cost reduction.

Systems, Tools & Services Expertise

  • Citrix AppLayering
  • ATS Teconomy project consultancy
  • Automation auditing and consulting

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