• Automate material handling within existing thermocouple production cell
  • There are 3 existing machines in the cell – cutting machine, drilling machine and striping machine. All machines are operated by one operator
  • Save man power

Project Scope

  • Install 2 collaborative robots
  • Design and build automatic thermocouple feeder
  • Modify existing machines (electrical and mechanical) so that they can be operated by the robot
  • Robots must be easy to remove (within one hour) so machines can be operated by human again if needed
  • Achieve cycle time of 10 seconds
Project scope

The Results

  • Operator has to perform visual check on final products, fill input material and remove box with final products once every 10-15 minutes. So one operator can take care of more production cells
  • There are 3 thermocouple production cells in the plant. 1st one is already done, 2nd is in progress and 3rd one is in quotation stage

Systems & Tools

  • Universal Robots (UR5 + UR10)
  • Simatic S7-1200 safety PLC

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