Rulex is the First Digital Decision Management System Powered by Explainable AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Taking decisions is a crucial part of driving any business: with more powerful and effective results obtained when combining human expertise and data-derived knowledge. Thanks to its fully no code enterprise-grade software the Rulex Digital Decision Platform enables business users, with specific domain knowledge, to interact with professional developers in augmenting, optimizing, and automating decision processes through a simple drag & drop graphical interface.

Delivering Industry 4.0 Solutions for digital transformation and sustainable operational excellence

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Faster Low-Code Application development for Smart Digital Transformation

Your Ideas Can’t Wait

With Rulex you can astonishingly reduce the time needed to pass from ideas to solutions: its friendly interactivity allows you to immediately implement your thoughts without need to recur to technical experts that extract and prepare things for you.


Every operation, from simple to sophisticated, can be performed on a drag and drop interface without writing a single line of code.


Excellent use of resources is one of our core values.
Billions of data can be elaborated on a normal laptop in seconds not hours.


Non-AI-experts can easily employ advanced explainable AI (XAI) algorithms to build clear box models, such as innovative Logic Learning Machine.


Adapt the tool to your specific business process,
instead of adapting your needs to the tool. Keep up with quickly changing scenarios.

Full Control:

Keep business owners constantly in control of decision process automation, even when it involves advanced techniques, such as big data analytics.


Passing from prototype to production in a few clicks:
every workflow developed in Rulex can be executed through Rest APIs & Web Services.

An Exterprise Grade Software For All Environments

Rulex’s Digital Decision Platform provides all the software tools needed for collaborative work and for a smooth integration into the enterprise environment. A wide range of different architectures are available: from the personal desktop to versatile client-servers solutions, up to internal and network cloud implementations.

Flexible authentication and authorization components facilitate compliance to specific security requirements.

Think Big, Start Small

The efficiency of Rulex can be introduced step by step to allow a gentle adaptation of business processes. Starting from the most critical tasks, where an optimization boost can lead to high returns, the gradual introduction of Rulex will provide you immediate advantages that can be quantitatively measured.
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All You Need In A Single Place  

Rulex provides all the tools you need to implement and manage decision processes involving human expertise and data, avoiding the frustration of wasting time going back and forth among different software applications!

Data Ingestion:

Collect your data from any source (database, cloud, network, local drives, …) and in any format (MS Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, …)

Data Processing:

Manipulate, analyse, and explore your data (merging, grouping, pivoting, cleansing, …) without writing a single line of code

Data Visualization:

Obtain powerful graphical insights on data with a few clicks; create and manage dashboards easily and interactively through the new Control Tower component

Advanced Analytics:

Build transparent clear box machine learning models, solve optimization problems, perform standard and advanced statistics with excellent performance levels

Business Rule Management:

Create your own business decision rules through a simple interface, test their effectiveness and combine them with data-driven rule models to optimize results.

Business Rulex

AI is enabling faster, more accurate, fully auditable process decisions in the Supply Chain, Logistics, Customer Care, Loss Prevention, E-commerce, Energy Trading, and more, reducing human labor, eliminating errors, and improving business outcomes. And Rulex is the only AI solution that is compliant-by-design with the EU GDPR Article 22 restrictions on explainable decision.

Industry Rulex

Industry Rulex is delivering AI for real-time operational decisions in Manufacturing, Energy Management, Predictive Maintenance, Product Quality, and other areas, bringing dramatic improvements in productivity, safety, quality, and profitability. And Rulex is the only AI solution available for making predictions on IoT edge devices using low-cost, low-power commodity processors.

Public Sphere Rulex

AI is enabling fairer, more transparent automated decision-making to serve the imperatives of waste management, renewable energy, healthcare delivery, and other areas, simplifying administration and management, assuring regulatory compliance, reducing costs, and improving people’s lives.

Looking For a Few More Benefits?

Well, we’ve got a few more for you! Easy drag-and-drop decision process design, Automated Machine Learning (ML) for predictive control and response decisions rules, Transparent leverage of existing operational business process rules, Autonomous edge intelligence for low-power IoT devices, Fully self-explanatory, automated decisions for regulatory compliance

Rulex Software Platform

Rulex software platform used by data and business experts to create and implement predictive and prescriptive software applications.
Software Solutions
Rulex provides pre-built predictive software solutions for standard decision tasks in various industries. Rulex certified partners and Rulex platform customers adapt these modules as needed for integration with existing systems and processes.

Committed to the Success

Rulex is committed to the success of your customers and partners on their XAI journey, providing an array of technical services for developing, implementing and supporting Rulex-based XAI applications.
Rulex Platform
Rulex platform applied to an ever-increasing range of automated decisions across the commercial, industrial, and public spheres.

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