• Monitor the condition of general assembly sublines for downtime analysis
  • Track vehicles everywhere
  • Ensure critical processes have been completed prior to progressing to the next station

Project Scope

  • OEE monitoring and reporting system in the assembly shop
  • Vehicle tracking system to track the location of every vehicle on all conveyor lines
  • Andon control system for assembly line control functionality
  • Part pick system to provide picking instruction and confirmation
Project scope

Solution Approach

  • Solution proposed using Ignition MES (Sepasoft) and HMI
  • Business logic was developed around real-time plant data and depicted in role-based dashboards for decision support
  • Customer-defined KPIs were incorporated in the system for real-time monitoring
Solution Approach

The Results

  • Enabled near real-time OEE monitoring
  • Complete manufacturing visibility

Systems, Tools & Services Expertise

  • Ignition SCADA
  • Sepasoft MES System
  • OPC
  • Kepware migration

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