• Visualization and control of custom filling equipment for car fluids and air normally visualized with Siemens panels
  • Challenge: End-customer requested panels running the SCADA software Ignition by Inductive Automation to be integrated into their company network while the OEM preferred a stand-alone solution for easier commissioning
  • ATS was chosen for the job because of its experience with Siemens and Ignition. The key point was the concept of following the end-customer’s specifications while guaranteeing to implement all of the OEM’s needs and changes as they occur during development and commissioning

Project Scope

  • Migrating the existing WinCC Panel solution to an Ignition SCADA system
  • Creation of the visual interface hand-in-hand with the OEM’s PLC development
  • Deployment in production / commissioning
Project scope

Solution Approach

  • Delivery and configuration of the stand-alone Ignition servers
  • Frequent reports to both the OEM and the end-customer
  • Use of Siemens PLCSIM advanced simulation software to minimize commissioning time
Solution Approach

The Results

  • Stand-Alone software with look and feel of the end-customer’s plant standard
  • Turnkey solution that is still open for changes by end-customer through transparent programming

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