• Automatically collate data from shop floor devices and equipment for real time visibility to improve plant efficiency and yields.
  • Reduce energy consumption (electricity, gas, compressed air, steam, etc.) and water consumption
  • Support continuous operational improvement with real time information on production, quality, energy and water usages linked with SAP data

Project Scope

  • Integration with SAP, shop floor equipment and systems (production, In-process quality, maintenance, inventory and utilities)
  • Template development and configuration of core MES functions
  • Data collection, alerts and prioritization for production, quality controls, Statistical Process Control (SPC), utilities and maintenance functions
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards for operational critical information

Solution Approach

  • Global template based on SIMATIC IT Classic platform 6.7 with HTML5 injection
  • Data concentrator Siemens S7 development with capturing over 5000 tags
  • Centralized MES VM servers remote connected to plants with OPC UA tunneler

Systems & Tools

  • Siemens PCS 7
  • 24/7 Support Services

The Results

  • Operational dashboards driving continuous improvement
  • Effective incident management due to early alerts and triggers
  • Tangible reduction in quality defects, increase of capacity, reduction in energy and water consumption
  • Enablement of group Quality Assurance (QA) across plants

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