ATS Global Delivers MES Implementation Template to a Leading Beverage Bottler for Their Plants in Europe


  • Automatically collate data from shop floor devices and equipment for real time visibility to improve plant efficiency and yields.
  • Reduce energy consumption (electricity, gas, compressed air, steam, etc.) and water consumption
  • Support continuous operational improvement with real time information on production, quality, energy and water usages linked with SAP data

Project Scope

  • Integration with SAP, shop floor equipment and systems (production, In-process quality, maintenance, inventory and utilities)
  • Template development and configuration of core MES functions
  • Data collection, alerts and prioritization for production, quality controls, Statistical Process Control (SPC), utilities and maintenance functions
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards for operational critical information

Solution Approach

  • Global template based on SIMATIC IT Classic platform 6.7 with HTML5 injection
  • Data concentrator Siemens S7 development with capturing over 5000 tags
  • Centralized MES VM servers remote connected to plants with OPC UA tunneler

Systems & Tools

  • Siemens PCS 7
  • 24/7 Support Services

The Results

Operational dashboards driving continuous improvement

Effective incident management due to early alerts and triggers

Tangible reduction in quality defects, increase of capacity, reduction in energy and water consumption

Enablement of group Quality Assurance (QA) across plants

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