An International Aerospace Manufacturer Chooses ATS Global to Implement Smart Manufacturing Practice for their Manufacturing Line


  • Create a best-practice manufacturing environment that increases production output
  • Allow lessons learnt and the outcomes achieved to be replicated across production lines at multiple sites around the globe

Project Scope

  • Integrate shop floor processes with the MES system.
  • Automatically capture process data.
  • Increase part traceability.
  • Track parts through the production process
ATS Success Story - ATS Global implements manufacturing intelligence system - web image

Solution Approach

  • Implemented ATS Bus to allow data to be transmitted seamlessly between Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) worlds
  • Complete data generated by systems and equipment is accessible by all other systems and equipment connected to it.
  • The order request is initially sent to ATS Bus from the MES system (iBASEt Solumina) which starts and completes operations and manages inventory

Systems & Tools

  • ATS Bus
  • iBASEt Solumina

The Results

Customer can remotely monitor all the data exchanges carried out across ATS Bus to:

  • Keep track of the health of its system
  • Monitor for processing errors
  • Send failed messages for reprocessing
  • Ensure all specific environment’s needs are met

End-to-end data connectivity solution that improves business continuity by improving network resilience and reliability

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