People, Process, Technology: ‘Technology’ Manufacturing’s last step to Smarter 

Welcome to the final leg of our exploration into the heart of the People, Process, Technology (PPT) framework – the realm of Technology, where the tapestry of innovation unfolds.

In the context of the PPT framework, the technology pillar pertains to the tools and systems employed to facilitate and enhance your team’s efficiency in executing processes. In the contemporary landscape, technology has taken center stage in driving organisational transformations across diverse industries. Adopting new tools represents a significant financial commitment, considering the global projection of IT spending reaching $4.6 trillion in 2023. However, merely having the most cutting-edge tool available won’t guarantee the achievement of your specific business objectives.

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The Digital Thread

Picture a digital thread weaving through the entire manufacturing tapestry. This is the magic of technology—a digital thread connecting design, production, and every point in between. A well-integrated digital thread does more than connect; it enhances collaboration, minimises errors, and accelerates time-to-market. It’s the invisible force propelling manufacturing into the future.

Empowering the Workforce

Yet, technology isn't confined to machines; it’s a force that empowers the workforce. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) transcend traditional training methodologies, ensuring that the workforce is not just adept at operating machines but is equipped with the skills demanded by the digital era. It’s not just about working with technology; it’s about mastering it.

PEOPLE use TECHNOLOGY to implement new PROCESS. There must be a sync between them, and the fact that people using the tools are aware of it and have the right skills needs to be considered.

Data-Driven Insights

Unlocking the true potential of technology lies in the treasure trove of data it unveils. Advanced analytics and Big Data provide manufacturers with insights that go beyond the surface. These insights aren’t just numbers; they are actionable intelligence. From informed decision-making to predicting maintenance needs and optimising operational efficiency, technology turns data into a strategic advantage.

Bedrock technologies

Enhancing technologies

Putting technology to work

It's essential to thoroughly assess, implement, and integrate technology for optimal outcomes. The PPT framework offers organisations a comprehensive strategy for evaluating, governing, implementing, and enabling technology. In essence, the framework provides overarching support for projects by:

1. Evaluation

Collaborate with stakeholders to define essential business objectives and conduct a thorough needs analysis to outline the specific requirements for your technology solution. Evaluate potential vendors meticulously, considering how well their solutions align with the operational dynamics and goals of your organisation. This ensures that the chosen technology can seamlessly integrate with your workflow and effectively address your organisational needs.

2. Implementation

Develop a comprehensive software implementation plan that outlines specific timelines, objectives, processes, and necessary resources for seamlessly incorporating new technology into your existing workflow. Operationalise your processes to enhance the efficiency of technology integration, establishing a robust foundation for consistent success. This involves implementing data capture processes, automating manual tasks, and optimising feedback collection to create a streamlined and repeatable operational environment. The best way is to start small with technology and implement by choosing the right people. Once you have the results to show its effect, move up and scale things.

3. Adoption

Promote adoption by investing in user experiences, in-app guidance, and self-help support to minimise learning curves, decrease dependencies, and foster widespread digital adoption of IT technology and software investments. Utilise features like in-app nudges, product tours, field validations, smart tips, and interactive flows to provide contextual learning, aiding users in building technology expertise and driving adoption. 


Technology isn’t a mere tool; it’s the gateway to a smarter, more agile, and future-ready manufacturing landscape. It’s about strategically leveraging technology to elevate every aspect of the manufacturing process and solve problems. As we delve into the expanse of possibilities that technology affords, we are no longer bound by the limitations of the present. We are architects of the future, sculpting a manufacturing landscape that is not just efficient but profoundly intelligent.

Our journey through People, Process, and Technology doesn’t end here; it’s a continuum. It's a reminder that true innovation lies in the convergence of these elements. The future is not a distant horizon Technology isn’t a mere tool; it’s the gateway to a smarter on; it unfolds with every technological stride we take. So, let’s embrace this future, where technology isn’t just a part of the manufacturing process; it is the heartbeat, pulsating with the promise of progress. As we step into this new era, may our machines be smarter, our processes more refined, and our people empowered by the endless possibilities that technology unlocks. Technology bridges people and processes together so teams can do better work faster. But this can only happen if employees are aligned on how to maximise the tools they have. Always remember that technology will not be able to address all the problems. It gives employees the tools they need to implement the process and aids in the automation of some of the steps.

Aside from placing training and support at the pinnacle of every digital transformation initiative, we at ATS have the expertise to help you really drive your digital transformation journey.

And there we have it, in case you missed the earlier parts of our journey, catch up on the learning of "People" and the dynamics of "Process" in our blog series here PPT framework.

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