The ATS Czech Republic team joined the largest national collection of Christmas gifts organized by Diakonie, a charitable church organisation that helps children and adults, the elderly, as well as people who have been facing various life crisis for more than 30 years.

The aim of the collection is to make Christmas a little bit happier for children who live in families with short incomes. But at the same time to teach children, whose parents do not have to count each penny, in solidarity. Simply children who are better off can select gifts with their parents and give them to less fortunate children and families.

The name of the Christmas gift collection refers to a shoe box that is just the right size to hide a present inside. New or unbroken toys, socks and mittens, sweatshirts, books, chocolate bars, school and art supplies were the most given items. All were put in a box and nicely wrapped. Each box was marked by a tag with a child’s age and whether it was for a boy or a girl.

Veronika Mahalíková and Eva Konečná, the ladies from the People Operations team, are the ones who triggered the action and collected about 20 boxes. Then handed the gifts to the right charity worker at the right time before Christmas Day.

Czech-speaking readers can learn more about the collection on the website